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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

4500 (+) Myspace Phishing Passwords Revealed

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I was in the process of updating my portable apps on my thumbdrive when I came across a disturbing post on Digg (which had not made the front page-yet). Anyway here is a list of 4500+ myspace username and passwords revealed from a phishing scheme (the download is at the bottom of the screen). I ran the .txt file through excel so it could be sorted. Myspace users might want to check if their account has been compromised. Oh and don't be a dick, although I imagine that a fair amount of the accounts have already been changed due to abuse.


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Dissection of a Parking Meter (Eagle 2100)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In Virginia the other day, I came across a discarded but fully functional parking meter. After getting it home an disassembling it, I discovered that the make and model was a Duncan Eagle 2100.
Quick Specs:
2 LCDs, a card reader (mine was disabled), a peripheral port, infrared capability, green red and yellow LEDs, runs on 2 9v batteries.

These plastic switches help determine the size of the coin when inserted into the meter. Simply manually flipping these switches will not result in extra 'time' on your meter.

I have not fully explored the peripheral port but I am sure it is not a CAT5 female adapter.

So far this meter has been sitting on the tank of my toilet blinking into obscurity. If anyone has any further information on the Eagle 2100, that would greatly be appreciated. Any ideas what should be done with it?


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Shirts You Should Own

Insanely Great Tees does not have a huge collection of shirts but their nod to computer/gamer geek culture is enough for me to be satisfied enough to list them. Their brightly colored and 8 bit inspired shirts are all listed at a moderate $17.00.

Nerdy Shirts offer a throwback in retro nerd-dom (is that even a freakin word?). You will find everything from your classic Space Invader's shirt to your 'remember back when I had to blow on my Nintendo game cartridge' shirt. Nerdy Shirts has a medium sized collection of shirts at a decent price.

Resist Today has some of the most bizarre and imaginative shirts I have seen in awhile. For some reason, their designs remind me of old tyme style circus posters. Caretaker is a pretty bad ass shirt, not to mention only $13.00. Resist Today also offer a medium sized collection of shirts but shirts can range anywhere from $10.00 to $24.00.

Not only having an awesome URL, Owl Movement has some pretty unique shirt designs. More cutesy than Resist Today, but not nearly as simplistic (and feminine) than Crowded Teeth, Owl Movement is definitely worth checking out. They have about 20 shirts in their collection mostly all priced in the $20.00 range.

You won't understand this shirt to the left here if you have never had Vietnamese food. Asian culture aside, T-Shirt Corner has a few vintage shirts with some slogans- you know how 'vintage' and 'slogan' shirts are all the Internet induced get rich by making a shirt company online rage these days right? Their line of baby/toddler shirts are actually pretty funny, however I am not sure how well their category of weddding/bachelorette shirts are selling. Also a medium sized shirt collection (unless you count baby shirts, etc) priced around $15.00.

Ten Bills is currently having a $5.00 shirt sale so I expect inventory won't last much longer. Their designs are slick-think Threadless but with less hype and way more off the radar. What the hell are you still lingering around for? I said, shirts are $5.00!!!

This ladies Night Owl shirt from teetonic gives me an excuse to put boobies on my site an example that their are also plenty of sites out there that offer shirts tailored for women. Their Robot Invasion shirt is awesome. Also a medium sized catalog with shirts starting at 20 pounds.

Squidhunter is currently down, so my brief review will be truncated even shorter. From what I can recall, they have a few samurai-based shirts. Or maybe it was Kabuki? For all I know, with my depleted brain mass they could have featured penguins sliding down slides at a playground? Probably not but hey, don't blame me for my memory loss...

Shirt Stain only currently offers 9 shirts. But here is reason number 1 to go there. And here is reason 2. All shirts priced at $15.00. Hopefully their collection will expand shortly.

Also a good tongue-in-cheek site name, I was actually slightly disappointed going back to this site the second time and thinking,'damn for a cool company name, they really don't have all that many shirts that I would buy.'I don't know if it's me, but some of their shirt designs are too whimsical for me. Need an example? I do however, dig this shirt. 16 shirts, priced from $15.00 to $20.00.

Anyone that has the need to exclaim to the world that he has too much Testosterone by displaying the molecular structure of Testostrone on his shirt, most likely is trying too damn hard to compensate for something else. But hey, Molecule Wear caters to the science community with straight up molecular structures of your usual daily intake (like caffeine or chocolate or LSD). Be the only one in your lab to be taking Meth and brave enough display it on your chest! Shirts around the $20.00 range.

Invicid has some seriously kick ass designs. They don't only cover your basic shirt but also offer hoodies, bags and wallets. Site design is slick and straight forward-no ever annoying Flash intros or preselected background music(see also Spray Graphic). Invicid even has an integrated available stock chart for each item sold (brilliant!). Shirts start at $24.00.

Individualitee has a pretty large collection of shirts bordering on the vintage side. This shirt makes me laugh and this issues shirt is also slightly amusing. A decent collection with shirts around $20.00.

I also like me some sea monsters. In fact, I have already mentioned it to more than one person that one day I would like to have my whole back inked with a giant squid pulling a sinking ship into the cold blue depths of watery demise. There I go digressing again, i like seamonsters offers up a whole bunch of personally crafted things ranging from shirts to magnets and even jewelry. I think next time I am forced to attend a large conference, I will walk in late with this shirt. Shirts at under $20.00.

Wow, we are full of great URL names or company names today! Go Ape Shirts only has 9 shirts in its collection right now but all 9 are great. Ok, so maybe I would only buy 6 out of the 9 but I still like that ratio. Shirts are priced at $18.00 and each shirt has a good and proper title.

Future Relic has some amazing shirts that I could never wear to work. They seem fixated on children with guns (great theme guys!) and warfare in general. I think I am going to have to order me this Population Density shirt before they all sell out. And for my daughter, maybe the Kid Sniper Classico? Shirts priced starting at $15.00 with a fairly large collection.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't like the shirts at Disturbia as much as I thought I would. The feeling, trying to be too edgy comes to mind. I have enough punk/metal shirts from concerts but the shirts at Disturbia just seem too laden with generic skulls for me. Maybe I am jaded? Well this site's not for me but maybe for you? Decent sized collection with shirts starting at 16 pounds.

Did you know that last year in the Pacific alone, there were 23 coconut related fatalities? Ok, so I made that up but I could find no real stats on coconut related deaths. You can can really tell when I'm about bored of my posts when I start to rant like this. Crazy Coconut offers up a few shirts, scarves (what is it with scarves at an Indie show anyway?), fabric, and a few other small items. Designs are more designer than simplistic and prices can be higher than other previously listed sites. Ah those crazy coconut related deaths.

Divine Clothing has 16 shirts in its collection. I cannot distinguish any sort of category or theme for their shirts but they seem to have one slogan shirt, a crudely drawn fanged man which might be their mascot and one vintage like shirt. Befuddled. Shirts are priced starting at $16.00.

Let's close up this post with a Bang! White Frog T-Shirts have a lucky number of 13 shirts in their collection, but you will only be able to buy half of them for yourself unless you happen to have attributes of both sexes. Personally, I like this Girl's Giant Squid shirt but alas, I was born a Male! Curses! Robot Anatomy v2.0 will have to be my list of shirts to pick up. The idea of taking Da Vinci's famous 'Vitruvian Man' and using a robot instead is pure genius.

*This about wraps it up for my post on shirts. For the first shirt write up, go here.

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Encrypt Your Rolodex

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I used to keep a plain .txt file of my phone contacts on my desktop. The other day I decided that the file (although probably of little importance to others), should still not be in plain site for anyone that happens to be on my computer. I suppose Locknote would do just fine to keep nosy snoopers from seeing my contact information but since I already had KeePass running, I decided that a quick and easy way to encrypt my backup phone contacts would be to create a new group in the database and show the phone numbers in plain text only after logging into KeePass.

1.)Open KeePass and right click the left pane under 'General' and add a group (I called mine 'contacts').

2.)Under the 'Title' add your contact's name and under 'URL,' add your contact's phone number (this will allow the phone number to be shown up on the main screen). I left the 'password' on default as it is irrelevant for my contacts.

3.)Now just click on your new group, (mine being 'contacts') and eureka! you have your backup contacts which will all be encrypted when you close KeePass.


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