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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

The Jimi Wallet and Bar Codes

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First off, I won't dignify this low technical level D.I.Y project as a 'hack' or 'mod' but a simple guide to adding just a little bit more to your Jimi Wallet. And yes, I do realize that the whole concept of a minimalistic wallet is to lose things, not gain them but with the ability to hold only 4 credit cards (or ID cards), I didn't want to waste room and have to carry a Safeway or Giant Bonus card. I decided that since the bar codes are only needed, that all I needed to do was to transfer the bar code to the outside of the wallet.
Here I cut out the bar codes (all of my razors were rusted so I used scissors) and bust out the Epoxy.
Mix the Epoxy and apply a liberal coat to the back of the cut bar codes and all you need is to let the glue set. Perhaps not the most visually pleasing but it does save me some wallet space.


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BlinkList and Social Pr0n?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Not too far in the past, I wrote a review of the social bookmarking site BlinkList and at the time, with its shares of bugs, downtime, and somewhat clumsy navigation BlinkList still seemed like the del.icio.us killer. I stopped using BlinkList for a few months (and even forgot my user name and password) and decided to grace their page again last week. Finding some tech news that I had not already seen on other major sites, I decided that I would frequent their site on a more regular basis. I did and to my surprise, found many a link to porno on the Internet (What?! Are ya kiddin me?). Don't get me wrong, I like pr0n as much as the next guy but I think some moderation on BlinkList to weed out the *spam and pr0n is much in need. I didn't go to a social networking site with the intention of viewing women engaged in dress up gnome sex (OK, made that last part up...wasn't actually on the site). Before I get too carried away, let me get to the crux of why I think user driven sites need some moderation. I'm not talking about the whole Digg conspiracy here as that is not my focal point. Many people, be it IT related or not, check these popular social networking sites for new and upcoming news from their workstation or office desktop. These people will be driven from a site that is NSFW (well most of them). With an influx of spam related links and pr0n, credibilty to the site will be lost (unless that is why you are at the site). I am curious to see what appears on the front page of BlinkList in the following days and hope that a remedy (perhaps a filter, algorithm or even more more moderation) occurs. Otherwise, I would hate to see the slow demise of a site that once held such promise.


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Almost Vegas (a reunion, a vacation and defcon)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Turning down a trip to Vegas three times (for 3 separate reasons) was not an easy task. The first trip however, was a no brainer.

Invite #1: A 10 year high school reunion didn't top my list of things I needed to attend and albeit fun as it may seem, it more or less came across to me like some long-winded gathering after a family related funeral where everyone spends time because of some secret obligation more than something anyone would do on a regular basis. So I opted out.

Invite #2: My buddy kpR is going to Vegas at the end of May with some people I knew from my college days and although he would originally be there for some software tradeshow, he would have the weekend to kick back and whore it up. This was a little more hard to turn down as I think the last time I kicked it with him was over 2 years ago. Financial obligations aside, the time just would not work.

Invite 3: I am amidst trading some music with a friend who I just recently found out works for Defcon and BlackHat (killer combo there?) and was invited to make it down to Vegas in August for Defcon 14 (and would love to go) but once again gritted my teeth and had to opt out. I am however planning to make it to Defcon next year so I will attempt to round up more geeks who are interested. Karma had better serve me something good soon or I just might swallow the entire contents of the tasty looking Drano liquid sitting on my dust covered bathroom floor.


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