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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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A Fat Wreck Christmas (mp3s)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The good folks at Fat Wreck have recently posted a link to listen and download (free!), their Christmas Bonus CD. I have not listened to it all but with Leftover Crack to Strike Anywhere, I am already content.

But if that is not enough to sate your tastes, I did a little digging and found another free download titled Sample 2006 also in which you can freely download the entire album. Noted songs are by Against Me!, the Loved Ones and the Lawrence Arms.

And of course, via entering the normal Fat Wreck site, you can download some mp3s from their featured artists, at www.fatwreck.com/audio/.


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the Salty Napkin Trick

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Scenario: You are at a bar, and because there is a lack of coasters, your cold frothy beverage is placed on a napkin.

The inherent problem with this oft used coaster replacement is that as the condensation forms on the outside of your glass, it eventually follows the laws of gravity and inevitably, the napkin ends up stuck to the bottom of your glass as you are toasting to your friends.

Solution: As soon as your drink is served, lift your drink off of the napkin and grab the nearest salt shaker. Sprinkle the napkin lightly with salt (roughly 3-4 shakes per average salt shaker) and replace your beverage back on your napkin. No more sticky napkin even as it gets saturated from condensation.

*Quick Update: Here is your challenge. If you are dubious, bookmark this page and go test out the theory, and then get back to me.

*Yes, the picture used with this trick has no napkin, I am aware of this. Also thanks to Randy for showing me this trick.


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