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Encrypt Your Rolodex

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I used to keep a plain .txt file of my phone contacts on my desktop. The other day I decided that the file (although probably of little importance to others), should still not be in plain site for anyone that happens to be on my computer. I suppose Locknote would do just fine to keep nosy snoopers from seeing my contact information but since I already had KeePass running, I decided that a quick and easy way to encrypt my backup phone contacts would be to create a new group in the database and show the phone numbers in plain text only after logging into KeePass.

1.)Open KeePass and right click the left pane under 'General' and add a group (I called mine 'contacts').

2.)Under the 'Title' add your contact's name and under 'URL,' add your contact's phone number (this will allow the phone number to be shown up on the main screen). I left the 'password' on default as it is irrelevant for my contacts.

3.)Now just click on your new group, (mine being 'contacts') and eureka! you have your backup contacts which will all be encrypted when you close KeePass.


posted by aL, 8:49 PM


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