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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Dissection of a Parking Meter (Eagle 2100)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In Virginia the other day, I came across a discarded but fully functional parking meter. After getting it home an disassembling it, I discovered that the make and model was a Duncan Eagle 2100.
Quick Specs:
2 LCDs, a card reader (mine was disabled), a peripheral port, infrared capability, green red and yellow LEDs, runs on 2 9v batteries.

These plastic switches help determine the size of the coin when inserted into the meter. Simply manually flipping these switches will not result in extra 'time' on your meter.

I have not fully explored the peripheral port but I am sure it is not a CAT5 female adapter.

So far this meter has been sitting on the tank of my toilet blinking into obscurity. If anyone has any further information on the Eagle 2100, that would greatly be appreciated. Any ideas what should be done with it?


posted by aL, 7:02 PM


I have the innerards of an old parking meter

snagged it when they made the swap

what is wrong with mechanical?

unless the credit card enters the picture

the coins worked fine on the mechanical
sure there were issues and short comings
no different than the electronic upgrade
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