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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Shaken Baby Syndrome

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shopping at Petsmart with my kiddo, I came across a 'shake me' sticker on a toy. I decided that a 'shake me' label on an infant's onesie would be horribly un-PC of me. So I fired up Photoshop CS2 and got to work. Something tells me I am going to get a one way ticket to the 7th Circle of Hell for posting this picture.


posted by aL, 12:30 PM


I am the parent of a dead child. He was shaken. Why don't you print up a t-shirt that says "I can fly", go up to the tallest building in the immediate vicinity, and try. I'll call your nearest living relative and explain that I didn't really mean.

Words - and the absence of words - do have consequences.

That would be karma.

By the way, send one to this other twit - search Goolge News and you'll find news about some of the 1400 or so kids shaken every year.

Put a onesie with a day's worth of SBS stories up on your site, and you'll start on the path to atonement.

Father charged in baby abuse case
Police say Watervliet man shook his tiny daughter after she wouldn't stop crying

By KATE PERRY, August 6, 2006

WATERVLIET -- A city man has been charged with critically injuring his infant daughter after she wouldn't stop crying earlier this week.

Erik Smith, 31, was arrested Friday, two days after he forcefully grabbed the 3-month-old baby girl off a changing table, shook her hard and put her back on the table with "excessive force," authorities said.

Smith said he became frustrated when the baby, who weighs 12 pounds, wouldn't stop crying Wednesday, police said. The name of the infant has not been released.

Authorities said the baby had difficulty breathing and began to gasp. Smith allegedly called a family member to the residence, and that person recommended calling 911 when he got there.

The baby is in critical condition at Albany Medical Hospital's pediatric intensive care unit, authorities said. Smith is charged with felony reckless endangerment.

Police and emergency medical technicians were called to 2419 Eighth Ave. Wednesday to aid the infant, who had stopped breathing. They found the baby unconscious, and she was taken to Albany Med, authorities said.

Later, doctors found the baby's injuries indicated shaken baby syndrome, police said. Albany County child protective services then investigated with police.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:21 AM  
Fathers of dead babies have no sense of humor.
commented by Blogger aL, 9:50 PM  
It's not funny nor is it cute to advertise and promote child abuse. I am the mother of a child that is fortunate to have survived the brutal onslaught of shaken baby syndrome. She is brain damaged and may never walk again. The perpetrator couldn't handle the crying.. instead of calling ME.. my daughter was beat half to death.
commented by Anonymous Jaime, 12:06 PM  
Get a grip, get a life and please educate yourself.....!

You can log on to your computer any time day and night and guess what?

Nearly 4 children a day are shaken and that equates to 1 death, and 3 brain devistations every single day.
commented by Blogger wownurse, 2:23 PM  
Shaken Baby is no laughing matter.

There's nothing funny about a young brain being deliberately damaged for life.

My 4 1/2 year old grandson was repeatedly shaken during his short life. One really bad shaking brought him to emergency. He was in intensive care for the better part of 3 months. He was on life support and in a coma several times. I have never cried so much in all my life. I have never felt such incredible sadness. All because someone lost control. What used to be a very bright, intelligent, articulate and beautiful little boy with a whacky sense of humour, is now a 9 year old boy who can no longer speak and has the functioning capacity of a 2 month old. He still spends a great deal of time in the hospital.

It's never okay to shake a baby or child.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:29 PM  
aL you are absolutely right that Father's of dead babies have no sense of humor.Hopefully you won't ever know this for yourself.

We mothers of dead babies don't have much of a sense of humer either I guess. My 11 month old son was shaken to death by a woman who had no history of being abusive. A woman who had a reputation for being calm and laid back. I can't begin to tell you what my reaction is to your little photoshop project. My heart is pounding and I'm having trouble breathing.

I'm sure in your hip, irreverent little world we who are responding must seem so in need of a few drinks so we can lighten up. I don't see any other evidence on your blog that there really is a "kiddo" to take shopping anywhere. Based on your flip comment I don't hink you have any idea what kind of emotions you have unleashed with that image.

It's pathetic that at 28 years old your idea of humor involves pissing off people who have been devastated. As you can tell, it's very hard for me to summon up any generosity towards you right now. But I do hope that never ever have to live through the consequences of the idiocy you expressed in this little photoshop project.
commented by Anonymous mwhalen, 12:02 AM  
I find it appalling that you have that shirt on a white child. Mainly black kids are shaken and that is why so many black people are brain damaged. Just look at the facts. One out of three black men are in the penal system in their lifetime, do you think it's genetic? No, it's because their cracked out moms shake them to make them quiet. Three out of four black kids are born to women that have no father around; do you think these women do this by choice? No, they do it because they are brain damaged women from being shaken while young.
Shaking white babies is no laughing matter; it could make them become as worthless as black babies.
commented by Blogger JTucker381, 9:38 AM  
Wahhhhh, god you people are whiny.

People die every day, get over it. More people die in car accidents than babies die via "shakage" and how many movies have comical car accident scenes? Tons.

Get over yourselves.
commented by Anonymous Nik, 9:06 PM  
PATHETIC.....Is REALLY what your blog is all about. I myself, thank GOD have NEVER had an incident or known anyone that has been a victim to shaken baby syndrome. However, I have been reading about a seven month old that has been shaken to near death. He was five months old when this happened to him. His mother is only 21 years old! I am in my thirties and don't know how I would handle this let alone a new mother with her very first son that was born perfectly fine. The child, Kaleb, is now blind and has minimal responses. It is a day to day struggle for anyone that is close to that child. I don't even know the family and it saddens me. i read her blog every day to see how baby Kaleb is doing. You are PATHETIC and to even THINK this would be remotely funny is pathetic at best. EDUCATE yourself before you make jokes at other's expenses. I read some of the comments and they are all from individuals who have been affected by SBS. Please take a moment to educate yourself through baby Kaleb's blog as I am sure you won't think it is so funny after you spend a moment on his page!


GROW UP! You are an adult...uneducated at that...but you are an adult!
commented by Anonymous SOMEONEWHOCARES2VOICEANOPINION, 6:16 PM  
Knowing that I pissed off a few annoying women who have no capacity to distinguish fiction from reality makes my day. Cheers!
commented by Blogger aL, 12:50 AM  
Oh my god anyone who thinks this T-Shirt is ok is severly twisted in the head. Talk about needing attention you worthless piece of shit I hope you are never blessed with having a baby. They are so precious and shaking a baby should never be a joke go get a real job because making funny T-Shirts isnt for you dirtbag.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:41 PM  
OH MY GOD PEOPLE!!!!! This is a photoshopped undershirt! It isn't like she is telling people "Go out and shake your babies please." It is a joke! It would be completely inappropriate for these undershirts to be sold, but she did it as a joke. So what!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:07 PM  
jtucker389 .. tell me were it say that black people are worthless and that we are th cause of shaken babues symdrome???
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:03 PM  
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