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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Kape, Karaoke and Kubuntu

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I will concur with those who tell me I have been slacking here at chalkline. However, I am currently working on the next project (which shall be fully documented and hopefully done in the next two weeks). In the meantime, a (mostly) non tech related post but here are some pictures from my vacation in Cape Cod, and also some from Karaoke night at Galaxy Hut. As for the tech part, I have been running Kubuntu on my laptop for the last 3 weeks and although I have partitioned my drive so I can dual boot Windoze, I have enjoyed Kubuntu to the point where Windows on my laptop is not so necessary.
Cape Cod after 10:30 PM has very little options for food. On two consecutive nights, we ended up getting Chinese food at this ghetto ass Chinese restaurant in Orleans. The food was bad but no one was complaining.
A more lively picture here (and also jumping both time and space), I appear possessed while singing a horrible bad song with Zack. Trust me, the Guinness helped boat loads.
It was my friend Kate's birthday so I had to post this one. Also at Galaxy Hut and for once, she sang!
Jumping back to Cape Cod, this poster picture was taken in Provincetown where a large gay community dwells. Funny enough, all the straight bars we hit on the previous days just sucked.
Here is my friend Mike who is neither gay nor a 'bear.' I kept referring to him as 'Bear' all night long and he stopped finding that amusing really quick.
Sunrise off of my friend's 'backyard' at 6 AM. Why was I up? Thank my buddy insomnia.
An old buoy turned into a birdhouse.
Morning from porch view.


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