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Shirts You Didn't Know You Needed

Sunday, June 11, 2006

After getting accosted by numerous friends and strangers alike regarding where I get my shirts, I decided to come up with a list of online t-shirt sites that I frequent. This list is by no means complete but will point you in a better direction of what is out there. Let's take a look.

If you have not heard of T-Shirt Hell, surely you must be living in some remote ice cave somewhere in the far north with your hairy fingers jammed deep into your ears. Their shirts are so un-PC and full of disgusting slogans that you can either stare with mouth agape, laugh at the raunchy shirts or immediately go to confession. Seriously though, who hasn't heard of this site?

Moving onto ThinkGeek, we foray knee deep in geek shirts. If binary on your shirt does not qualify you as a computer geek or programming nerd, I don't know what does. They carry everything from your Slashdot shirt to a coder's shirt. ThinkGeek has a pretty large selection of computer related shirts as well as other apparel (like jewelry?), toys, and books.

Jinx made a name of themselves by advertising their shirts on the Screen Savers and later on G4TV. Their motto is 'Gamers, Geeks and Hackers' and their site has grown exponentially within the last year. Although I have not recently purchased anything from them, they do update and offer new shirts on a pretty regular basis. As with ThinkGeek, Jinx also has a bunch of other goodies aside from t-shirts.

Personally, I harbor a secret infatuation for Threadless. OK, maybe not that secret but they roll out shirts faster than a fat clown being chased by a steamroller. Yet, with all the new shirts, often if you wait for more than a week the shirt you were drooling over will be long since bought out. Basic economics of supply and demand but the demand is high. About two weeks ago I went out to a sort of hipster bar and a right off the bat a friend spotted 3 other people rocking a Threadless shirt.

Spreadshirt has so damn many user submitted shirts that some of them are bound to catch you. I must have spent roughly an hour one night just going through and seeing what they had in their catalogue. Their shirts tend to be less offensive and more politcal, funny or just weird. Really, they have a humongous selection of shirts and are on the dot when it comes to filling an order. But don't take my word, go check it yourself.

Busted Tees has a kind of campy feel good variety of funny shirts that you can maybe get away with wearing when going to church on Sunday (not that you would do such a thing). Think catchy but sarcastic catch phrases with a minmal amount of art. They don't try to overdo the artsy thing and it works. However, their catalog of shirts is not quite as large as some of the above listed sites.

Spraygraphic's site sometimes makes me want to take the claw end of my hammer and bury it deep in my left foot. With all the flash animation and preselected music playing, it feels like I am being forced to visit some MySpace kiddie's uber overloaded page. If not for some of their cool designs, I would not have added them to this list. Sometimes, when you're looking for clothes, you just want the cut and dry catalog. Waiting for site load time sucks.

I have not purchased any shirts from Snorg but my lord at least two of the women models are smoking hawt. Sexism aside, Snorg also conjurs up the likeliness of shirts at Busted Tees. Everything from pop culture, iconic dumb and universally hated president shirts to shirts saluting the 40oz can all be found here. Also need to mention that Snorg also does not have a huge collection of shirts. Hey, apparently an online shirt business is harder than one might think.

I am still slightly unsure what to think of ThreadPit. They seem to lack a general theme but hell, they have a Hunter S. Thompson shirt so they are okay in book. Some of their designs are so bizarre I can't see anyone but a one legged stripper wearing them for the attention. I'm not jesting either. A shirt of a mime in Paris lighting fire to the Eiffel Tower? I know you'll have to check this link to see if I'm really joshing you. ThreadPit offers a decent selection of shirts although there are a few more of the 'what the hell kinda shirt is that?'

Sinfulshirts attempts to capture some of the market from buyers of T-Shirt Hell. They have some medium(ly) offensive shirts as well as some that will have zero meaning when the slang term used on the shirt dies off in a half year. However, amidst some of the trying offend you shirts, a few of them actually are more than halfway witty as well as offensive. Want an example? Yes, funny to browse online but I have not actually bought a shirt from these people.

Protoculture has avery small catalog of shirts but they made this list because of two of their shirts. I own the 'germ' shirt and even though I am not a full on germophobe, the shirt is the shit. And the second shirt would have to be the 'recessive riverboat gambling gene shirt.' Also love the prescription pills shirt 'relax because it's friday.' Oops, that was three reasons.

The guy at Preshrunk (at least I think it was preshrunk) was right about Panic's shopping cart. The thing rocks like um (insert witty simile here) something cool. Oh yes, back to shirts. Small selection of shirts at Panic but they all seem to at least be in the same vein so you sort of have a clue on what the rest of the shirts will look like even if you don't view them. Mostly clean slick designs with a few computer geek(esque) shirts to satisfay everyone. Or at least mostly everyone.

PalmerCash is another one of those sites that seems to have an old skool touch to their shirts. Then again they also claim to have 'vintage' clothes so that might be part of the reason. Although not generally the shirts I am into, PalmerCash has reasonable amount of shirts mixing in some humor, some bizarre vintage to regional humor shirts.

OMG Clothing which is occasionally featured on threadless had to have a mention. And once again, not such a large supply of shirts but then again you came for the quality, not quantity right? Ah, who the hell knows. OMG Clothing offers some of the tongue-in-cheek slightly geeky but more hipster than anything shirts with bright colorful designs and messed up looking animals or snarky (yes liz, snarky) slogans.

Oddica made it to this list too albeit their small catalog didn't do much to help. Definately some odd shirts in the collection. Have you seen 'for those about to rock?' Although they may have less shirts than some of the other sites listed, some of the artwork is done so well it almost feels like you're buying something more than just a shirt. Damn, that last line came out more cheesy than I had intended.

NoiseBot actually had a few shirts that made me laugh out loud. Also along the lines of 'vintage' clothing, simple designs, retro references to shows or pop culture and snazzy (not snarky) phrases. Here is one that amused me to no end. However, being amused and actually buying something amusing is two different things. Good thing NoiseBot has a fair selection of stuff.

Lucha Workshop shirts have such a level of intense artistry that I just want to take their designs and draw them on my brother's back while he is passed out from drinking 3 beers. Their designs are like a whimsical industrialist. Or maybe their designs are like factory workers forced to draw while high on acid? Either way, their art is their selling point.

Honestly I am not crazy about the shirts at the Giant Robot store. But then again they have just recently started printing and for some of the entirely bizarre random but cool stuff they sell, I have high hopes for their shirts to get progressively better. As is, artists are already populating their store and it seems like everytime I check, new shirts are being printed.

Much like the Giant Robot store selling shirts, I also have high hopes for the Engrish store. Their actual site is funny as balls. It would seem like their shirts have been a relatively new thing so I am patiently awaiting to see what makes it down for printing. Their store does have a moderate amount of shirts but once again, most of them seem like filler, and not a shirt you would want to wear out on a regular basis. They also offer and assortment of other odds and ends.

Enclothe (btw, the chick on the main page of the site is also kinda fine) is the home of the infamous, 'I'm claiming it before you do' ghost pirate hoodie (wow, was that a mouthful). So to anyone reading this that I might know in person, find something else to wear or buy bastard, this one I am claiming. Also need to mention that the featured catalog is unfortunately small.

ELSEWARES offers more on the artsy side of shirt designs. Honestly I see more women's than men's shirts here and the prices may be a little higher than the average t-shirt site. Then again, some of the shirts look more designer and I guess that equals to a higher costing shirt? ELSEWARES has a lot of offset picture placement which does look good in the pictures. But then as formerly mentioned, prices can be a bit higher and as being a cheap Chinese bastard, I have yet to buy one even if the designs are kinda sweet.

Defunker reminds me of the shirts at threadless and/or OMG Clothing. The style generally fits with the feeling of the site and the art is articulate if not poking fun-most of the times. Now come to think of it, I do think they have had their shirts on Threadless. Damn! Maybe I better slow down on the beer and focus a little more. Before I forget, selection is rather slim but the shirts they do have look good.

How many more sites that offer vinatge clothing that offendes people can we have? Don't get me wrong, the people at DeezTeez have a fair amount of fairly anti-you shirts but it comes to a point when all of it blurs and all you think of is that jackass frat boy who was wearing one of those shirts at the concert who was hitting on your girlfriend but you were too much of a wuss to step up-well you get the gist.

I absolutely love the site name of Crowded Teeth. It conjures up the image of me back in highschool having to get four teeth pulled all at once and then not taking the pain killers until one day bored at school and then taking handful during Biology and have to throw up like a madman. Um, shirts eh? This site listed is more for the girlies (or maybe uber sensitive boys?). More pastel shirts with cutesy designs of animals and the such. Hell, if I were a girl (or a more sensitive guy), I'd be buying shirts here too.

Although I didn't promise you more vintage, it looks like I have another one for you. BUT Cotton Factory does have a few cool designs. The 'Mad Scientist' would be a great gift to any science dedicated person. The 'Pile Up' shirt is also kind of nice in a really minimalistic way. And who the hell doesn't like penguins flying while wearing jet packs? There are some decent shirts here but I did warn you about the 'vintage.'

Amorphia gets kudos simply to the Nietzsche shirt. Then again, if I could find any good Lovecraftian shirts, I would not hesitate to fling my own poo in celebration. Amorphia has some pretty funny, stuff that should not be funny shirts. Very pop culture and up to date, somewhat (here comes that fucking word again) vintage and yet most of the shirts, even the bad ones aren't all that bad.

Quickly tab 80's Tees and tell me those broads weren't born until maybe until the early 90's. I'm all expecting to see some 80's models with teased Debbie Gibson hair. Anyway here is the final link. I had a bunch more but this post is officially killing me so we are ending it here. Transformers, G.I Joe, Thundercats, you name it. Good hunting.

*(update) Part two of shirt site reviews are here.

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posted by aL, 7:38 PM


Great article! Thanks for the info. You forgot to mention
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:25 AM  
Have you seen the shirts that the HP Lovecraft Historical Society make? Some of those are pretty good.
commented by Blogger Phil, 7:56 AM  
Great article! Many thanks.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:31 AM  
On Saturday I wore my "I gave my word to stop at third" shirt from Busted Tees and got the funniest looks from people all day. Ah, irony.
commented by Blogger Hey Pretty, 10:12 AM  
Check out Johnny Cupcakes' line.

Cupcakes! with attitude
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:28 AM  
For the Indians out there....check out http://www.indobundee.com/
I personally like some of the bollywood ones.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:50 AM  
Thanks for all the extra shirt links. This damn post took so long that I was about to stop halfway through. Oh, is that a Lovecraft link I spy?
commented by Blogger aL, 12:21 PM  
dude, this post is soooo money!
commented by Blogger jeffro, 1:18 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:42 PM  
I also found an interesting geek Wii themed shirt at http://www.cafepress.com/wgear/
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:48 PM  
Cool cool, aL. Nice selection here! You might also want to check threadless. And you'll have to add our site once Kris and I get our store up and running :)
commented by Anonymous Chris, 2:53 PM  
d'oh. Threadless was right there! Nm.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 2:54 PM  
excellent post !!!
commented by Anonymous gisli, 5:13 PM  
Has some weird/quirky shirts.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:49 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:34 PM  
por fin encontre mi shirt preferida

Big Shop Pro

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:24 PM  
Once again, thanks for the links to sites I missed or didn't know about. Here is another one I missed.
OffLine Tshirts
commented by Blogger aL, 10:26 PM  
Limited selection, but check out http://www.errorwear.com/

For when you're in a BSOD type of mood...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:11 PM  
Mondotees is kinda cool. Depends on what's in stock though.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 11:28 AM  
Thanks for the mention of OffLine!
commented by Anonymous Fricka, 1:32 PM  
Think Geek is pretty funny, Urban Outfitters has some good ones too, but you pretty much hit all the ones that I know of, and love. Good shopping resource!!!
commented by Anonymous MappyB, 5:41 PM  
also try fullbleed, cool stuff sorta in the threadless/defunker tradition
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:41 PM  
We are not huge nor are we great, but we have fun with it and have a great name for a company:

commented by Anonymous Nathan, 3:01 PM  
For those of you bicycling freaks, this site has a couple of rad shirts.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:10 PM  
Haha. There's some awesome t-shirts at that NoiseBot.com site. Crazy, man!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:01 PM  
If I wnt to start a business like this, or to make some t-shirts at home how can I do that ? Does anyone have a "How To" ?
commented by Blogger necromanc, 10:52 AM  
Wow, you are an amazing genius. That post made me rethink the whole plant, you know? Who knows tshirts could be that good?

I come from a small place where the tshirts are nothing like that. Some might just be one colour. Some are two colours. Hardly any have any writing on at all. If they do it probably just says 'mike'.

Well, anyway, all you guys are totally amazing. I gotta a go. Well, actually I don't. But, y'now.

Jiffomeister (Sarah)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:53 PM  
check out splitreason.com it has some cool gaming shirts
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:56 PM  
The Snorg Tees model has become one of the most sought-after anonymous web hotties in history. Her name is Alice, and she now has her own fan society:

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:14 PM  
Great list!

An interesting looking shop called Yabbos is opening Thursday. 50% of the profit goes to the artists. Some cool looking designs are available.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:45 AM  
Great list...i also found another site


i like the creeping t shirt
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:31 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:48 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
commented by Blogger Huesped, 2:12 AM  
another site with cool urban and vintage t-shirts

cool urban t-shirts
commented by Blogger Huesped, 2:16 AM  
You forgot the best website on the internet, www.unholytshirts.com. Hope your not easily offended...
commented by Blogger Satan, 10:50 AM  
www.sighco.com has some Lovecraftian stuff
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:21 AM  
thanks for the Lovecraft shirt link as well as all the other links.
commented by Blogger aL, 1:18 PM  
Try KingT-shirts.com "Find a shirt that represents you."
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:26 PM  
inkedonline.com has the best funny shirts printed on the softest apparel out there american apparel ONLY. YOu gotta check out www.inkedonline.com
commented by Blogger inkedonline, 11:31 PM  
Nice Article, but a great t-shirt that you forgot to mention is "GIRLS GONE WILD FILM CREW" sold at www.tshirtcrib.com,thanks for the great info.
commented by Blogger Sanket, 12:17 PM  
Love the threadless.

Um, your brother passes out after three beers?
commented by Blogger honeykbee, 1:40 PM  
that is an amazing number of comments...

dc here as well

but with a more specific angle
dc bicycling culture
lots of images
sometimes lots of words
sometimes too many words

cool shirts

but I fear I would find a cool shirt
then find myself walking down the block
only to find some urban hypster walking down the sidewalk towards me wearing the same shirt
like showing up at the black tie affair and having someone wear the same dress as me!
commented by Blogger gwadzilla, 9:11 AM  
Those are hilarious....I'm a big fan of Funny T-Shirts - TShirtHub.com - Um,
We Like T-Shirts.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:35 PM  
Saw another good site from Europe, but they sell through Spreadshirt in the USA too - replicant gear (www.replicantgear.co.uk).

Their designs are pretty wide ranging: ancient egyptian, aztec right up to soviet union and technology. I reckon they're worth checking out.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:56 PM  
Cool articles and right on track. Found another site which sells many of the sites aboves t-shirts plus others as well as their own design thats pretty cool. If your looking for a big selection its the place to look. Anyway its Pimpyourshirts.com
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:12 PM  
Check out SuperNumber1 T-Shirts 8bit tees and other stuff.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:40 AM  
Good list but you should've included Funkrush! @ Funkrush clothing
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:54 AM  
here's a new one www.wreckagetees.com
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:43 PM  
Check out Stagr.com. They're definately cutting edge with their design and tools to make it your own. Recently they launched a custom site for Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:55 AM  
Check out www.SignTag.com "Wear a slogan
that expresses the real you"
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:11 PM  
For Funny Desi Tshirts, I like some of the ones at www.redjamun.com, esp. the raapchik maal one!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:22 PM  
commented by Anonymous William W., 10:52 PM  
Something a bit more to the left... www.neofactionapparel.com for Socialist, Soviet and Communist t-shirts.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:09 PM  
Something a bit more to the left... neo faction apparel for Socialist, Soviet and Communist t-shirts.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:14 PM  
for those who wants customized tee shirts, check out wearyourstory.com
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:27 PM  
for those who wants customized tee shirts, check out wearyourstory.com
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:28 PM  
These are some funny tees! Have you seen the ones at stuffuwear.com? They have a Major Wood guy that reminds me of the old 80's Big Johnson stuff!
commented by Blogger mstrcln, 1:03 PM  
http://shirt.woot.com has some great shirts. One of the recent best was "Sugar BSOD" http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=4114
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:54 PM  
awesome finds...check out more funny t-shirts at UniqWear
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:52 PM  
also check out these naughty t shirts, and cultural t-shirts like desi t shirts, punjabi t shirts,asian t shirts, latino t shirts, and african t shirts
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:09 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:12 PM  
Check out these funny t shirts
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:26 PM  
Got an interest in themes related to Darwin, Evolution, Nature, & similar themes?
Check out Darwins Den! You'll love the T Rex Tee--"Evolution, Change is good"
commented by Anonymous Doug, 2:53 PM  
Great article! You should check out the vintage t-shirts over at FSG
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:48 AM  
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commented by Blogger refillneil, 4:34 AM  
Buzzy Multimedia is one of my favorite funny t-shirt indy tee sites
I see them at cons all the time. I want to get these two at dragoncon this year
"and If I did get smart with you, how would you know"

"Alochol, Tobacco, Firearms, Whos Bringing The Chips"
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Another good one for odd ball cycling shirts is this one.
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