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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Cheating on My Play List (going indie)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It was never in my greatest intentions to start listening to indie music. After a decade and a half of proudly listening to metal, goth/industrial, 80's and punk, I feel now that the progression towards slower paced, sometimes more ambient rock officially qualifies me as cheating to the rest of my archived music. And no, I am not embracing the scene as well, in regards to looking the part either. Anyway looking for some bands to check out so feel free to recommend some.
Here are a few bands I am currently listening to:
TV on the Radio
Wolf Parade
Broken Social Scene
Neutral Milk Hotel


posted by aL, 9:20 AM


awww or maybe not cheating and just... lengthening the musical line? i can't see anything wrong with getting to love neutral milk hotel's "oh comely"; best song!
commented by Anonymous cocoricamo, 9:59 AM  
The boy in the picture would be so much more indie if he was wearing The Shins' Hedgie Tee.
commented by Anonymous LiZ, 9:01 PM  
I started on indie about 3 years ago when I tapped into a little indie station back in Cleveland. Good stuff. I even read the indie music bags to keep up with who is on the scene. Nevertheless, I totally don't look the part.

Having indie in your music collection is no sin. Having the Backstreet Boys or Michael Bolton, however, might strip you of your masculinity. One should never admit to those.

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