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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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The Boing Boing Fiasco

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I won't lie when I say that I have always wanted to get some of my content on Boing Boing. It must have been a week since the last time I paid them a visit and today I was in for a surprise (not one of those look what I got at Victoria's Secret honey surprises either). Let's take a look at this screen capture here. Instead of their normal red logo, I noticed in the far left hand corner of their main page, a picture of a bat on the grill of a SUV taken right here in MD outside of a UPS complex that I used to work at. The original picture (below) was taken with from a Nokia 3660 cell phone. How do I know? I took the fucking picture last year.

Yep, here's a copy of the original picture. It has also been on my flickr account for some time now. The bat picture has also been on my textamerica account too.

Before I was about to throw a bar stool through the window, Amy suggested I take a look at the picture properties to see if there was any mention or credit given. Looks like no credit was given.

Here, I sent the folks at Boing Boing a relatively nice letter explaining the situation and why no credit or link was listed. That was sent roughly four hours ago. I guess we will see what happens.

Update: Here is my would be public apology. Yes, I am a jackass, filthy whore, idiot (the list goes on). My fault, not Boing Boing's.

*Random site news: I know there are a few typos on the last post
(the t-shirt post). And as far as the rest of the site, yes there are some layout problems with this new template. I will attend to them when time allows. Peace out.


posted by aL, 8:59 PM


Boo Hoo. What About Your Rights!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:03 PM  
Clear your firefox/browser cache.

Boingboing never stole your picture, your browser just bugged up and took a random image from its cache to replace the boingboing logo with. I've seen other stories about this on digg ranging from your bat story to another person who was claiming that Google had replaced their logo with porn. In fact, it was just because that person had been viewing porn that this happened. Not boingboing's fault, not google's fault, probably the fault of the devs of your browser though, as it's a rather annoying and common bug.
commented by Blogger Emile, 10:20 PM  
thanks emile, I wonder what the random algorithm is? still, never did clean the cache however to notice the changes.
commented by Blogger aL, 10:42 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:01 PM  
sorta kinda. shit....what now?
commented by Blogger aL, 11:04 PM  
Your r a re tard.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:06 PM  
d'oh. :)

I took a look at boingboing the other night and couldn't fingure out what image you were talking about. I just thought it was another case of my being unobservant. :)
commented by Anonymous Chris, 12:04 PM  
is it the browser problem??
commented by Anonymous Doraemon, 10:03 PM  
Yes, it was a Firefox cache problem.
commented by Blogger aL, 9:14 AM  
hey aL. You still out there? When are you gonna post something new?
commented by Anonymous Chris, 4:56 PM  
aL, I don't know if you've heard me whine about this, but RollingStone.com used one of my photos... without credit or permission. They did not respond when I asked them to kindly give me credit. Here's the link to the pic (of my favorite band, L7.) I took a huge risk to take a day off my internship at the time so I could take photos of the band. How annoying that RS just swiped it.
commented by Blogger Capt. Jack Sparrow, 2:52 PM  
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