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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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The Jimi Wallet and Bar Codes

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First off, I won't dignify this low technical level D.I.Y project as a 'hack' or 'mod' but a simple guide to adding just a little bit more to your Jimi Wallet. And yes, I do realize that the whole concept of a minimalistic wallet is to lose things, not gain them but with the ability to hold only 4 credit cards (or ID cards), I didn't want to waste room and have to carry a Safeway or Giant Bonus card. I decided that since the bar codes are only needed, that all I needed to do was to transfer the bar code to the outside of the wallet.
Here I cut out the bar codes (all of my razors were rusted so I used scissors) and bust out the Epoxy.
Mix the Epoxy and apply a liberal coat to the back of the cut bar codes and all you need is to let the glue set. Perhaps not the most visually pleasing but it does save me some wallet space.


posted by aL, 8:37 PM


Nice. I like that....remind me to inform you however of the nice safeway hack i learned recently while pissed off waiting in the queue.
commented by Anonymous Nikita, 5:20 AM  
I was wondering if you'd post about that.....so proud of yourself.
commented by Anonymous LiZ, 8:31 AM  
Sorry to spoil your project but all you need to do is give casher the phone number you used to signe up for the storecard...
commented by Anonymous Charinko, 12:07 AM  
i've done the phone number thing but i'm such a lazy bastard that having them scan a bar code (instead of me entering a number) saves me the energy to do more important things (like opening a cd case instead).
commented by Anonymous aL, 8:16 PM  
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