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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Spongecell (watch your back)

Monday, April 17, 2006

A little over 2 months ago, Spongecell launched, boasting a AJAX calendar with the platform based on Ruby on Rails. What does that earful mean? A fancy looking calendar that ought to shock and awe you, enticing you to use their service as an online planner that you and your friends (if you have any) can set your church burning schedules to. Joking aside, I was itching to give this a try at the release but somehow, my tumultuous life is more or less maintained in my head and I don't usually have much need for a calendar, let alone an online calendar (my Palm Tungsten collects more dust than a hand knitted seasonal sweater made by a farsighted in-law). But with the advent of popularity of online based calendars: 30 Boxes, CalendarHub, HipCal and Planzo to name a few, I figured it would not pain me so to sign up with an account with Spongcell to see what all the fuss was about. I rolled up my sleeves and signed in, greeted by some helpful hints on what Spongecell was capable of.

Filling out some basic events was a snap, although I did notice some lag time in saved events to when they actually showed up on the weekly calendar. Not a huge drawback as navigation was easy (as it should be-it's a freakin calendar-not programming in Fortran!). The options set were pretty standard but did allow the choice of being viewed by 'friends' or set to private (which might come in handy with the church burning thing mentioned earlier).

After setting a few mundane tasks, I decided to see what further options were allowed. As afore mentioned, pretty much standard calendar options. Nothing much over Outlook or Thunderbird but then again that is somewhat comparing midgets to dwarves. My overall view of Spongecell was that it was pretty and quite functional but perhaps not something I would use on a regular basis given my many options to choose from. Something that the infamous Google has over them is the integration of GMail with their Calendar. If that isn't the ol 1-2 combination to sites like SpongeCell, I don't know what is? But I am rooting for them as they offer a decent product that will hopefully develop more as time allows and maybe they too will one day be acquired like the folks at Writely.


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