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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Practically Anonymous (setting up Tor on Firefox)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tor has come a long way since its inception at DARPA. A basic (very basic) overview for those unfamiliar, is a more secure way of using the internet by hiding amongst 'virtual tunnels' over many servers. The overview (accompanied with pictures) helps visualize the onion routing. The end result is a new IP, and more secure, less traceable digital footprints on the net. Combine Tor with Privoxy (for managing those cookies while on the Tor NT and also to keep from leaking DNS requests). But all this is no good if Tor is a beast to set up and from the get go, it honestly was more for the geekier crowd. With the new builds ( and, using Tor on Firefox is now a snap. I decided to give the new version a try so I went to download the latest version.
Using Firefox, there was already an extension built in that allowed me to toggle on and off of the Tor circuit. I downloaded the extension here, installed it and then rebooted Firefox. I started Tor, then Privoxy and then ran Firefox. On the lower right hand bottom of my browser (right above the task bar) sat a 'Tor Disabled' button that toggled to 'Tor Enabled' when clicked.
Going with a more visually pleasing check (as opposed to the 'cmd' prompt), I pulled up GeoTool and indeed my connection was now bounced to Ohio.


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