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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Orbox B and a Reason for Down Time

Monday, April 03, 2006

*Feel free to skip the rant and just click on the linked screenshot

Just when I was starting to sleep peacefully without the aid of over the counter medication, herbal remedies (not referring to weed), or plain old booze, my somewhat tumultuous personal life had to kick in (once again) and rear its ugly 3 headed beast of a cluster fuck magnet. What that translates to is that the lack of updates is largely due to drama. Another brief translation: now the mother of my child and I have been in only SMS (text messaged) based communication. No smiley :) faces, just pure unadulterated text based sarcasm. At this point, I could use a whole lot less drama and maybe more time testing out Fedora Core 5, the leaked version of gmail chat or a few other apps (or OS's) that I have recently acquired. I have a planned post that should hopefully make it to Lifehacker and or maybe 43 Folders when I finally get it out, but that is yet to be determined.

For the actual post, go play Orbox B to waste some serious time. Personally, I am not a gamer (the sux0rs) but I do have the old skool spirit of NES games buried in my intestinal tract somewhere. As is, I don't normally bother to post every online game I come across but Orbox B was pretty impressive. I got up to level 7 before I called it quits.


posted by aL, 11:22 PM


yah, a friend showed me this a while back. I just meant to play a couple levels but ended up playing for a good half hour. Good stuff!
commented by Anonymous Chris, 6:46 PM  
Another good one is Raiden X. Whoops, really am starting to sound like a gamer now.
commented by Anonymous aL, 8:12 PM  

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