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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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No Itchies From New Tattoos

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My last tattoo (much smaller in size) gave me a wild itching sensation like some ill gotten STD from a woman you thought was short but the next morning realized was truly a midget. I think it was day 3 or 4 when the newly inked tattoo was nearly the equivalent of seared flesh but in form of itching. This time, with my new ambigram tattoo I decided to try a different skin revitalizing lotion. Wanting to keep it sterile and non infected, I went with Vanicream (yeah yeah, I know it sounds like some feminine hygeine product) but the reason I chose this over what the tattoo parlor gave me last time (some mucky semi-translucent gel) was that Vanicream is free of dye, perfume, fragrance, lanolin and most importantly, formaldehyde.
Night one was the worst and I applied the Vanicream over the new tattoo religiously all night on the hour. Day two, my flesh was on the mend and a drastic transformation took place where the tattoo had been set. No raised bumps, or itching. I am up to day 4 now and a regular coat of the Vanicream has kept me from even thinking about possible itches. A new cure? Or maybe just an old one I never heard about.


posted by aL, 9:01 PM


dude, that mucky semi translucent gel is A & D .. it is good shit. I am getting more ink tonight. Werd. You should go to the MSI show on monday.
commented by Anonymous Nik, 3:26 PM  
Good to hear you are itch-free!

I got a tattoo about a decade ago during allergy season and I think I got pollen in it. It itched like mad even though I was using Neosporin on it like always. It was like my tattoo was burning from underneath. I went to the school nurse (college nurse) to see if she had any suggestions.

She asked if I was pregnant.

Then she said that I was probably allergic to the tattoo ink and that I might have to have the whole tattoo cut off my arm. I was like, "You have got to be kidding me," and left. Idiot. The itching went away mysteriously and it's been fine ever since. Whew. Cut the tattoo off. My ass!
commented by Anonymous Capt. Jack Sparrow, 5:01 PM  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:56 AM  

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