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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Sick of It All @ Rams Head Live (and misc week info)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

*I had originally planned to get more entries out this week but my schedule has been kicking my arse so this post will be a conglomerated entry of going to a show last night in Baltimore at the Rams Head Live, as well as some info on what I have been up to this week.

Liz and I managed to get up to Baltimore last night at around 9pm to catch Sick of it All open up for Dropkick Murphys for a little pre St.Patrick's Day celebration. We of course started with some Jameson's shots. We would later find out that the shots were necessary as we were on stage right in the front row next to a bunch of goddamn cheerleaders gone wannabe punk. But all things aside, I droned out their idle chatter as I watched Pete run circles all while playing the guitar. The pinnacle of their short 35(ish) minute set was when they burst into 'America' and really got the crowd moving. There was mixture of older folks (by older I mean pre-Green Day) but the kids by far populated the sweat fueled crowd. The crowd gave a tepid response as most of them were there to see Dropkick Murphys. Lou spoke to the crowd a few times and for some sad reason, I realized that their history had been lost on the young crowd and that some kids would think that they were simply emulating From Autumn to Ashes. As such, in-between sets a Stiff Little Fingers song (Alternative Ulster) was played and I saw one measly fist in the air which threw me into a drunken rant. Bitching aside, I was quite pleased to see them perform and although Liz was not totally thrilled to see them, I had at least managed to catch them as we had already missed the Horropops (wasn't dying to see them anyway), and the Tossers (damn, how the fuck did we miss them?). Dropkick opened shortly after and put on a great show (although I am more of a Flogging Molly fan). I must say that Dropkick had great stage presence and unfortunatley we were not able to stay for the whole set.

*Changing gears onto research for chalkline.
I have been looking up some articles on OS fingerprinting and have an application I want to review and maybe tweak but that project is turning into a lot more work than expected so I may not have anything posted regarding that topic in the near future.

*Computer Security Related
I will be working tomorrow night (St. Patrick's Day--green beer anyone?) with a client on migrating data from one box to another and then going back and cleaning out backdoors and shutting off remote services on the compromised box. I have to plan a toolkit to bring and off the top of my head, here is the short list.
-Blank CD-Rs
-Blank DVD-Rs
-Knoppix STD (running Fluxbox as I think the KDE version lags too much)
-a LG External Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter
Anything else I am sure I will think of when it is too damn late. Oh well. Happy St.Pattys Day to all.


posted by aL, 9:31 PM


Are you fucking kidding me, soia and dropkick and you didnt tell me about it? I saw dropkick about 3 months ago at 930.
commented by Anonymous Nik, 9:24 PM  
It's the Wednesday night shows that are killing me, but at least Against Me! is over my spring break (and I don't have to pay for those tix) and the Jameson can flow freely....and why the fuck aren't they playing Ottobar?
commented by Anonymous LiZ, 10:04 PM  

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