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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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KKK Toothbrush Holder

Sunday, March 26, 2006

*First off I need to mention that I do not condone or concur with racial bigotry, hate related crimes or agree with any forms of genocide or racial slurs. This project and post was based purely on random ideas colliding around in my cranium. Not that it is a legitimate reason, but I also happen to be Chinese. Okay, now with that out of the way, let's move onto my KKK toothbrush holder project.

The other day I was at Safeway an noticed some cone shaped toothbrush holders. After the thought process had reached my synapses a few minutes later, in the middle of isle 14 I inadvertently blurted out 'Klansman toothbrush holders!' Gaining a few strange looks, I went back and purchased them for three dollars.

Step one was to use my dremel to make a desired effect of an offical Klansman hood. I tried a variant here I dub the 'Batman Klansman' based on the cut of the mask revealing the mouth but was unable to find any images of actual Klansman with the same cut. For the second hood, I was highly considering using resin to fill in the smiley mouth but decided that timewise and volume would not be worthwhile. I used the cheaper (more Chinese route) of filling the mouth with spackling paste (for the more traditional KKK member look).

The next step was to sand down the spackling paste to erase any traces of a smiling mouth. Mind you, I didn't have the right sandpaper to make make the project flawless of bumps but I spent a few minutes smoothing out the large lumps (once again resin would have been choice number one).

Finally, I applied three coats of 'blossom white satin' spray paint to each of the gaudy colored toothbrush holders. The dried effect almost screams Aryan Nation (btw guys at the Aryan Nations site, tables are dead and a surplus of animated GIFs reminds me of old geocities sites). Not too shabby. Maybe next time I will pick on the Black Panthers.


posted by aL, 12:56 AM


commented by Anonymous erik, 8:15 AM  
commented by Anonymous dän, 11:50 AM  
commented by Anonymous dinfarsa, 2:07 AM  
Självklart, vad fan tror du?
commented by Anonymous Erik_@frallan, 3:32 AM  
commented by Anonymous jomp, 4:22 AM  
Måste ha !!!!!
commented by Anonymous Flesh, 6:59 AM  
commented by Anonymous José, 9:12 AM  
thats pretty funny.
commented by Anonymous shane, 1:05 PM  
Måste ha till barnen!
commented by Anonymous Mustafa ndongo, 1:50 PM  
ich ben ein auslander?
commented by Anonymous aL, 9:05 PM  
je moet je yfes bek houden over de klan
commented by Anonymous lid, 4:18 AM  
iedereen bek houden kanker lyers over de klan jullie weten er nix van af mogoolen
commented by Anonymous kkk lid, 4:19 AM  
Ik wil er ook niks van weten. Van dat stelletje niksnutten: en die kappen maar lekker door moeder de vrouw laten strijken!
commented by Anonymous JoopD, 5:54 AM  
KKK lid = 14 en heeft last van jeugdpuistjes. Niet kwalijk nemen die onwetendheid...
commented by Anonymous Brammety, 7:07 AM  
ROTFLOL That's pretty funny

@KKKlid; Ga even dood wil je
commented by Anonymous billyholland, 10:53 AM  
commented by Anonymous Bram, 3:59 AM  
wat is dit voor waanzin... wat denken jullie kkkers wel niet ik kan nog net mijn lach onderdrukken :-D jullie zijn echt 0,0 hahahahaha
commented by Anonymous Liberaalridder, 4:08 AM  
commented by Anonymous Mujalla Madifu, 2:19 PM  
Hey ga gelijk die tanden borstel maken :P:P maar waar koop je dat ding ??? hoe die er eerst uit zag??
commented by Anonymous KKK_LOVER, 2:47 AM  
commented by Anonymous kankermegool, 9:04 AM  
Hoog gehalte Hersenscheet.com?
commented by Anonymous LadyBird, 9:53 AM  
Hoi.. Ik ben een neger...

En jullie...

Jullie Zijn echt te dom voor woorden...

Dit is echt poep....

De enige die echt grappig is, is Brammety

De ballen,
en een lekkere negerzoen van mij
commented by Anonymous Neger, 4:19 PM  
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