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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Integrate Netjaxer into Qliner Hotkeys

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have done a few short reviews on both Netjaxer and qliner Hotkeys over the last few days and thought it would be a wonderful idea to combine the two in order to hotkey frequent websites with just one click on the keyboard. Unfortunately, when I initially dragged a site icon from my quicklaunch to Hotkeys, it merely launched Netjaxer and didn't take me to the desired site. So after a little deliberation, I decided to do a wee bit of tinkering to see if I could get a nice site icon (favicon- the little icon on the left of the http://) on my Hotkeys, that would allow me to launch and browse from site to site in mere seconds. Well, with a lot less pain than expected, it was done. If you look at the screenshot above, the number keys on my keyboard are set to a few random sites. Here's what I did.

First in order to do this you need to run both lightweight apps NetJaxer and qliner Hotkeys. First, create a folder where you can store the sites you want to assign to your hotkeys. Visit the site and holding the left mouse key on the site icon (once again the icon on the left of http://) and drag it to your folder of sites you just created. It will look pretty generic at this point until you change the icon to the proper one.

Now open NetJaxer and click 'add.' On the right of 'icon,' there will be a paper icon that says 'download site icon' when hovered over. Enter the correct web address and click it and save the icon.
Now, go back to your new folder with the stored sites and right click the site shortcut, go to 'properties,' and 'change icon.' If you did a default install of NetJaxer, you will go to C:\Program Files\NetJaxer\Icons and will find your nice little site icon sitting there waiting to be assigned to the right site.
For the last part, open the websites folder you assigned the icons to and hold down the 'Windows' key on your keyboard until the virtual keyboard for qliner pops up. Drag and drop your websites to your blackened heart's content.
Incidentally, if you use NetJaxer and set the sites to open on your system set browser, it should jump from site to site without relaunching another browser.


posted by aL, 10:12 PM


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