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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Google Page Creator (at a glance)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Amidst all the excitement of Google's newly released Page Creator, I missed the initial launch and had to submit an email to queue for an account. Of course like some absent minded professor, when the account request was accepted, I simply read it and instantly forgot about it until one night at 2AM I randomly arose from a lucid nightmare, sitting straight up in bed and with the dawning realization, recalled that I now could have my very own Google page to pet and feed and love and call cutesy names. The very next day I logged on to take a peek.
As I soon came to find out, Google's page creator was geared towards those with limited technological skills, a short attention span, a quick homepage set up, grandparents, or for anyone too intimidated to see HMTL. That however is not always a bad thing. Highly integrating WYSIWYG with drag and drop functions, I was able to (if I wanted to) set up a page uber quick. As the screenshot above shows, a simple picture upload combined with drag and drop ability allows images to be placed (almost) anywhere.

The side toolbar had a few options that allowed the size of font and style to be changed on the go as well as the usual functions of bold, italics, bullet points, links and images. Overall, Google Page Creator was very simplified but lacked innovation. I had hoped for more features and perhaps an 'advanced' tab for those somewhat familiar for editing pages. However, if Page Creator is to separate itself from the pack, the folks at Google had better up the ante.


posted by aL, 11:35 PM


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