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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Death By Silence (and then some)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Maybe it is karma for laughing at Liz's car CD player that plays a veritable 1.5 songs worth of tracks from a CD before shitting out, but my Toyota Tacoma's deck decided to rear its ugly head as well and blow a fuse (if that is indeed the problem). The good news is that the car still works fine and the internal lights are still functioning. The downside is that my display will not turn on, which means no music from my iPod. Call it griping but I will be damned to the hot depths of Hades if I have to drive to Arlington and back to Southern Maryland every damn day this week sitting in total silence. I have already told kpR that in order to remain sane on my morning commute, I will call him bright and early at 6:30AM (which in California would make it roughly 3:30AM) every morning until my car stereo is fixed. Talk about burning bridges. I guess I had better call and get my truck serviced.

*On a sidenote, shout outs to Gina at Lifehacker for sending me an invite to be a commenter.
*And as I write, I am currently testing and reviewing another application that will hopefully be posted late tomorrow (if I don't repeatedly bash my forehead into the windshield in a desperate attempt to break the silence in the car and wind up in some filthy 12 car pile up in NW on the way home).


posted by aL, 9:38 PM


I'm sure i could figure this out if i read back far enough, but where do you work in arlington?
commented by Anonymous Nik, 4:58 PM  
Blame it on the bad JuJu. Now you know what I mean. I thought having to listen to Clearchannel was pretty fucking awful, you should be happy you aren't contaminating your elite musical tastes with that shit. Besides-I could always give you Lily's portable cd player with either KIDS BOP or Simple Plan in it. Take your pick. I'd enjoy the silence.
commented by Anonymous LiZ, 5:51 PM  
Well said. However, deciding to sing System of a Down and Duran Duran is only going to amuse me for a day or two. Then is when I start writing 'redrum' on my driverside window.
commented by Anonymous aL, 9:57 PM  

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