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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Chandler Calendar (Partial Review)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Blogger is still not letting me upload pictures so to the hell with the screenshots. As is, this is going to be the blog part for the day and if you came only for the app review, feel free to skip this part.

My afternoon started to suck as soon as I got a call from Liz who was near tears. Deciding to call my parents in Hawaii as I still have nothing to listen to in the car (as the deck fuse has still not been replaced), my mom told me she was doing okay but felt bad because she accosted my brother about possibly taking a HazMat job. I told her I would give my brother a call and shortly thereafter got in touch with him. He told me he was not going to take the HazMat job because my mother was being a complete bitch and called him stupid and threatened to kick him out if he did. So back to my mother, I reported that my bro was mad at her but was not going to accept the job. Flash forward to Liz's house. Now I come from a Chinese household and thought my parents were crazy. Liz's family is more chaotic and hyped up than a bunch of fruit bats on meth. We're not talking about taking the 'cake' here. We're talking about taking the whole FUCKING bakery. I got yelled at just for being there and attempting to help out but eventually things got settled down. On top of this all, I have a potential client who needs some security consulting because her estranged husband might be monitoring her online accounts remotely so I have to get my toolkit ready (which I have not even started). Basically, I could use a lot less drama. OK, onto the application review.

I know that Google is planning a calendar which should be released shortly but I decided to give Chandler a try in the meantime. Not that I have a whole lot planned for my schedule or not (would have been useful while I was employed at UPS), I thought it would at least be fun to try out for a few days. I must say, the options for Chandler were quite staggering. Featuring not only basic calendar functions, it also includes an RSS Aggregator, planner, notes, sharing of data in a workspace and more.

This is as far as I got with screenshots before Blogger decided to not work for me as well. In a nutshell, the RSS Aggregator works fine and pulls up text right into the Chandler browser allowing you to view your feeds without having to open another browser. However, if the feed is image heavy, then prepare to wait. On the whole, Chandler is rather sluggish and is pretty time intensive on loading. Even just to open the app, I had to sit as long as launching Photoshop CS2. There are a ton of options and choices that go far beyond the calendar ability but the lack of speed when using Chandler was a major turn off. I didn't get a chance to test the mail or Pop3 functions but they do seem intact. I will most likely wait until Google comes out with their calendar before I attempt another calendar application again.


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