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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Courtesy of my buddy Nell (whom I was going to insert a goofy picture here but decided that the ramifications exceeded the amount of actual fun)-well now I have just killed the first sentence. Let me try again.
I have been on the hunt for cool, somewhat inexpensive T-Shirts on the net. The usual sites to visit were Jinx, Thinkgeek and a for punk bands, Interpunk. Quite randomly, my friend Nell sent me a link for shirts at Threadless and I was simply awestruck at the bizarre, simply designed but highly imaginative shirts in their catalog. Unfortunately, all of the shirts I wanted were already out of stock. Luckily, Nell had also sent another link to another shirt site iheartguts. I took a gander at the shirts at iheartguts and found them colorful, somewhat cutesy and fun but decided that if I were to purchase a shirt, I would probably never wear it in public.
So like a one eyed crack addict looking to get high again, I stumbled (metaphorically, and over the net to the West Coast) to pester my friend again about other sites where I could find more neat shirts. Probably annoyed as all hell, I was finally sent this link for Cool Hunting. Cool Hunting is a blog on net t-shirt sites worth checking and now I am satiated. Now where can I find cool socks?


posted by aL, 8:38 AM


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