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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Pixelate this, Bitch...(Recolored Demo)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Recolored is what you will need to turn a Black and White photo to color in a few minutes flat. With permission from a friend, I took a B&W photo and downloaded a free copy of recolored and fired up the small app. Yes, this can better be done with Photoshop but not everyone can plunk down the few hundred dollars it costs for this application (or get it free from a P2P site). Well let's jump into this demo on using recolored. Total time for this project was 10 minutes.

Take your black and white photo and import it into recolored.

From here I take a black ink selection and quite messily outline what I want in black, colors I want for skin tone, hair color, eyes and lips. I can either use a drop down selection of 'human skin' to 'Fabric Jeans.' For other colors in-between, I can select a color from the gradient map. The right most icon will 'colorize' your photo. It may take a few tries so if you get the desired color tone the first time, it is wise to save your ongoing project as a .rcl file so you can further edit and if needed, backtrack to where the tone was the way you like it. Okay, this looks about right so let's hit the 'colorize' icon and see what the result is.

Not too freaking bad. The eyes and lips could better be done with Photoshop but this is not a Photoshop demo. Plus, we are working with a 10 minute overhead. Overall, I say Recolored is worth the download. Give it a try and by the way, the picture in the demo is not included in the application.


posted by aL, 9:46 PM


Dude, that model in the demo is hot.
commented by Anonymous Anon, 7:09 PM  
Very good demo. Thanks for sharing.
commented by Anonymous picture colouring, 1:41 AM  

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