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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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My Laptop Has Taken Up Smoking

Saturday, February 04, 2006

OK, so technically speaking, my brick of a Toshiba laptop which is incidentally the weight of a small baby on my back is not really smoking (the laptop, not the baby) but the power supply or AC adapter is. Can you spot anything wrong with this picture other than careless neglect of cable management? Let's take a closer look.
This morning as I was firing up a Super Nintendo emulator for my kiddo to play Super Mario World, I noticed that my laptop was still running on its battery even though the AC adapter was plugged into the wall. This was roughly the time that an acrid, not somewhat unfamilar burning smell started and I immediately noticed that the cable to my power supply was literally smoking. A nice little message on my laptop popped up saying 'you fuckwad, you messed up my power and now you are on my shitlist.' Well moreso a message saying that my laptop battery was very low and that my laptop was going to shut off. Needless to say, that update I was going to do for this page was put to a smoking (har har) halt. So I will be giving Toshiba a call tomorrow and in the meantime I will check if BestBuy has a replacement which will more than likely cost me an arm and a leg.


posted by aL, 11:21 PM


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