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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Beautiful and Deadly, But Does She Fly A Kite? (Flyakite 3 Review)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

With much anticipation with the new release of version 3 from Flyakite, I could not wait to get my stiff Chinese fingers around this new transformation pack. Essentially, to turn the boring old WinXP shell to something new, radical, Apple (I swear they did not pay me to write that). I didn't think I was a big fan of aesthetics over functionality but Flyakite version 2 sold me well enough to keep it on my laptop for a solid 6 months. So the screenshot abover is the new 'dock' featured here in v3. Seems to be okay so far. Let's move on. The rollover is smooth. But when we try to change the icons on the dock to another application, we are forced to use the .png file extension which means most windoze users will have to download a separate icon pack. But aside from that, not too bad.

Everything seems intact. Let's take it on a test run on the net with Firefox. I don't know how many of you out there use the gmail notifier but I had just started my browsing experience when an email popped up on the notifier and could not follow through with the subsequent emails causing me to prematurely close the application. So take away another point here.

The new 'system prefences' is pure eyecandy but is really just a souped up version of the control panel. I saw that a new screensaver was on default and wanted my old one of Bender (from Futurama) back but Flyakite v3 jammed and would not allow me to tweak my settings. There goes another point. I unfortunately did not take a look at the CPU usage before and after Flyakite but after 20 minutes of fooling around with my newly replaced shell, I noticed that my applications were much more sluggish. I don't have a state of the art Voodoo PC but my desktop has an ample p4 with over a gig of RAM. Still Flyakite slowed my workpace to that of a parapalegic on downers. Websurfing was the equivalent of using a 28.8K dial up modem (not really that bad but it felt like it). Before new problems arised, I decided that it would be in my best interest to uninstall Flyakite v3. I never did think that I would be so glad to see my old WinXP logos. Yikes, did I just write that?


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