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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Back Like (not with) the Herpes

Friday, February 03, 2006

You didn't think I would actually come back did you? But much like that nasty growth that seems to appear on your lower lip every few months, grow full of pus and then prematurely burst when you absent mindedly brush your lower lip with your index finger while thinking, I am once again back from my hiatus. Here is a short list of what has transpired since my last post.

I have...
*consumed copious amounts of alcohol to the point where my body has all but saturated due to the influx of poisons.
*bought a new DVD burner, namely the LG 16X External Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter (yes, quite a mouthful of words there LG).
*been on a reverse honeymoon. What is that you say? Think honeymoon but trade the sex part with discussion about child custody and visitation rights.
*reviewed and downloaded a number of applications that will be discussed in the very near future.
*had non-biological parents lecture me about the trials and tribulations of life
*not slept much and as a result have been reading books like Kung Fu High School to books by Ernest Hemingway.
*gotten shit face drunk with a bunch of Peruvians playing dice drinking games.
*reassessed my goals and where life is taking me. I have found no visions, bright lights in long hallways, and no religion. In other words, during my time off from chalkline, I have not had an epiphany.

I am however back, and have a number of things to post. Some reviews, some rants, and some applications to try. So sit back and let's get reacquainted. I promise, I won't taint you with any ill-gotten venereal diseases. At least, I will try.


posted by aL, 12:23 AM


Was Kung Fu Highschool any good? I saw that at a borders in Hawaii. I was thinking it was just another Battle Royale or Volcano High wannabe, but I could be wrong.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 11:55 AM  
Kung Fu Highschool was a good, quick read but nothing too in depth. There was a bunch of the ultra-violence actually from a woman's perspective but it was somewhat hard to believe that it was through the eyes of a woman. Worth reading however. Looking for some new books to read...
commented by Anonymous aL, 12:07 AM  
I read Woman in the Dunes, by Kobo Abe on our trip. Good stuff. If you haven't checked out Murakami yet, read The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Other than that, Suvivor, by Palahniuk was good. Nothing else really stands out at the moment.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 3:15 PM  

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