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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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dat file scanning (Irish for the night)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

For the two ladies who actually read this blog, ever want to scan your boyfriend or husband's computer for .dat files? Well what can you gain? Your ole so sneaky boyfriend might be harvesting disgusting pr0n in some buried directory that you may never stumble upon deep within the sub files of some installed program or 'fake' program. The trouble (for him) is that if he frequents his stored scat or clown pr0n on a regular basis, even if he clears the cache on Firefox or IE, .dat files still point to where he has been browsing. idatscan is a freestanding .exe file (that does not need to be installed) that will tell you where the last files your significant other has visited that probably has not had the time, energy or knowhow to erase. I won't get into how to erase .dat files today (as it is Christmas ever and Liz and I have just downed a number of Jameson's shots) but chances are, your .dat files are more easily trackable than you might think. So fire up the idatscan the next time your hubby is at an extended 'conference' and see what depravity has really been stored on on the computer.


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Corporate Drama and a Bleak Optimistic Outlook

Monday, December 19, 2005

I know I have not been posting much lately. First off, the DSL line from Verizon has still not been set up and they promised it will be up this Tuesday. Second, my job has been kicking me in the shins with soccer shoes and I have been leaving work feeling like an exsanguinated victim after a vampire attack. Third, blame the holiday season for taking my Internet time. But let's not be putting any blame here as I am a firm believer that if your life is shitty, it is probably because you have not done much to keep it from being shitty. Here is my letter of resignation to my current work and next week I start work at interpunk.

I am regretful to inform you that Friday, Dec 23rd 2005 will be my last day with UPS. I have been trying to seek a full time job with UPS for the last 4 months with no avail and recently an offer for a different full time job came along. I did not want to rush into leaving UPS so I spent 2 weeks weighing the pros and cons and also hoping that I would hear back about a possible interview for full time hours. With no response from HR about full time hours, I accepted the offer at the other company who wanted me to work right away but I told them that I would at least like to give UPS a week's notice.

I know that both of you (Bill, Pete) are not in charge of the hiring process but I have felt slightly overlooked in the past few months when new hirees who have just graduated from college come right in and are hired, where I have a degree, computer training, certifications, as well as a lot of preload operation skills and training. It seems to me that the idea of promoting within was not taken into account for my case after I left the DC building.

Nonetheless, I have learned a great deal from working at UPS and have gained many skills that have not only made me a better employee but a better person as well. I have learned some valuable management skills and am fully grateful for Jim Harris in the DC building who has looked out for me since the day I started.

On Friday Dec 23rd, after the driver helpers are set, I will drive to Burtonsville where I will return my uniform, laptop and ID to Pete. Once again, thank you all

aL (well shit, did you think I would use my full name?)
Metro D.C Industrial Engineering Department


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Wireless Sniffer on a Switched Network

Friday, December 16, 2005

I downloaded switch sniffer about a month ago because I was curious. As it turns out, it is a pretty handy um, 'network auditing' tool. Not only can you capture packets on a switched LAN via ethernet, but try capturing packets via wireless as well. Throw in arp spoofing, and a number of other cool functions, switch sniffer has quickly been added to my collection of network tools. Now if I could only get Verizon to get off their ass and install my DSL (as they are still having problems) I could get a nice tutorial on using switch sniffer out as well as update this blog on a more regular basis.


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Tux on the Treo 650

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Goddamn this is cool news for phone people (I hesitate to use the word 'phreaks' but I guess that would be fitting). So this guy managed to get linux to boot on his treo 650 cell phone. Now other than booting, you can't do a whole lot but I have a feeling that linux on the 650 will soon be old (but cool) news. Maybe I won't go ahead and buy that LG VX9800 I was thinking about buying. However, I still do want the Nokia 770.


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High Rollers at the Micro Center

Monday, December 12, 2005

My weekend was pretty interesting. Not only did I get to meet some old friends in Arlington, I also acted as a free computer consultant. Basically, my friend Veronica asked me to tag along as the mother of the child she watches after work was going to buy her a Christmas present and had no idea about what constituted as a 'good' laptop or desktop. So the lady, who shall go by the name 'C' met Veronica and me, and we followed 'C' to the Micro Center in Fairfax VA. In 20 minutes and about 4 thousand dollars later, my friend Veronica had a brand new HP laptop, and 'C' had bought a dual core p4, 1 gig ram, 300 gig HD desktop and also the 21 inch wide panel LCD to accompany it. After a UPS, some printers and cables not to mention the warranty, we were literally greeted by no less than 3 managers and had sales reps from different departments of the store offering free deals, mail in rebates and even had our pictures taken by two different sales people. I did manage to shy away from the cameras, but it was pretty surreal. I think the next time I do some computer consulting, I will charge people in lemons and grapefruit, as I am still dying of scurvy.


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I Am Dying From Scurvy

Sunday, December 11, 2005

So maybe I am not dying from scurvy but I have been craving anything with Vitamin C. I had 3 lemonades yesterday and today I have had half of a lemon, 2 clementines and am fondly dreaming of pink grapefruit while gently caressing myself. Also, a DSL line is being set up at home so I should have more updates when the router is properly configured within a day or two.


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Carnies Don't Like Dumb People

Friday, December 09, 2005

Yeah you heard me. Carnival folk only like to dupe the educated marks. Good thing I am educated enough to hand my money out to the bearded lady...


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Qlam (like knitting for the lazy)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yes my posts of recent have been short. I have been sick as a dog lately coughing up a mandatory lung sized ball of phlegm. Work has me so frustrated that I am seeking other job options and I might have just found one. More details on te possible new job if things are set correctly. Speaking of 'set correctly,' this interactive thing (for lack of a better word) is pretty versatile with cutting options, adding and manipulating. Did I mention that an ice storm is coming tonight as well too?


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Unlucky OS (terminal fun)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Unlucky OS is more than you think. So you probably won't be using it on a regular basis but that glowing green terminal does induce a fuzzy feeling in my gut. So after logging in and not finding 'pine,' 'gopher,' or much of anything that didn't result in insulting me, I typed in 'help.' Ah, from there the wealth of information was released to me. Go look.


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Pimp Proxy and Secure Gmail

Monday, December 05, 2005

This post is going to be rushed as my other half is breathing down my neck waiting to use my laptop. Pimp My IP is yet another proxy service that allows you to hide your surfing habits (at work). I was able to login to blogger.com and do an update which many proxy services do not allow. However, I was unable login to gmail or yahoo for email. I will have to delve a little deeper to see if this is possible.
Speaking of gmail, I love my gmail account and was tired of having a secure login only to be dumped into a non secure account. This guy figured out an easy way to encrypt not only your logins but your traffic as well by having a login set at https://gmail.google.com. That 's' after http is the key. If you do a search for gmail under google, or have a google bar with a gmail button, you are sent to one of the many gmail proxies where only the login is secure. After reading this, I gave it a try and logged in under https://gmail.google.com and now not only my login is secure but traffic on my gmail is secure as well too!


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My Kid Likes Apple Computers and I Don't Even Own One

Friday, December 02, 2005

Not too long ago, a post from my blog made it to the front page of digg.com just because people liked the computer my 5 year old daughter built. Not to exploit her just for a few cheap shots to raise site stats, I was hestitant about putting her next project online. Well I decided it was a cool enough project and won't go into it too much, but basically, she wanted a laptop so she took two white cardboard boxes and drew herself a laptop. I did help her in gluing a hinge on the back so that her laptop could open and shut like a real one. Not bad for a kid mod, and I might just have to reward her sometime by getting her her very own computer so she can stop pestering me to use mine.


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Rubbish Fish and Delicacies

What is wrong with this picture you ask? Well nothing really if you live in the 48 contiguous states. Really, at this point most people will wonder why they are still reading this blog. But to those just over a million people in Hawaii, let's take about half, so roughly 500,000 of those in Hawaii who can actually read. Well now that I have thoroughly insulted less than 1% of my Hawaii readers, let me just tell you for the misinformed what is wrong with this picture.
On the beautiful island of Oahu (yes, in Hawaii which does belong to the USA, I promise) we have an endearing canal named the 'Ala Wai.' Roughly translated to 'filled with shit,' this canal sits a 5 minute drive from the gleaming shopping mecca known as Ala Moana (big fucking shopping center) and located in the famous Waikiki beach, the Ala Wai spills her great juices into our opaque blue oceans. This cesspool has been a long running gag with stories about dead bodies, a repository for chemical wastes, sewage, used condoms and other such wonderful things of beauty. The stories are only partway true as the signs near the Ala Wai do in fact discourage fishing, boating, and swimming as it may cause you to grow a third eye right below a nipple. Now my convoluted story in a nutshell is that in this polluted bog of death and disease, one fish flourishes like a mad multiple cat owning widow. Talipia. So I don't care that the Tilapia here on the East Coast is bred and raised in a sterile farm. All I see when I look at the menu and Talapia is on it, is the dead look of disease in the Talapia when I shine a flashlight into the Ala Wai at night.


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Poll Results For November 2005

Not surprisingly, you degenerates have chosen wanting a hooker for Christmas the most. I am guessing all people who voted for the hooker as a gift were males. Next runner up is a very sensible but somewhat shocking 2nd place of the poll for giftcards. 4 people wanted a burrito for Christmas (yes, I voted for a burrito you fuckers). 3 People wanted a gun for a gift, 2 people wanted a shrunken head (I have looked it up on eBay before and the link is here). And last, we had 1 measly vote for a cute stuffed animal. This month's vote is for those who suffer from the depression of holidays and wish to express their love for their favorite alcoholic beverage. Me, I'm sticking with the Whiskey.


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Chronological Beer Count at an Against Me! Show

Thursday, December 01, 2005

1st shot of Jameson's Whiskey: We walked into Recher Theatre in Baltimore at 9 to see Smoke or Fire take stage. Roughly 300 people were already packed in the old poolhall renovated venue.

2nd shot of Jameson's Whiskey: Halfway through Smoke or Fire's set which mingled older material with their new unreleased songs. They were tired from their 50 State tour but put up a good high energy show. They had the only circle pit of the night that I was aware of.

3rd drink Natty Boho:
This was backstage where the Soviettes, Against Me!, the Epoxies and Smoke or Fire had just finished their set. Liz had brought in childhood pictures of Italy where she had met Tom (from Against Me!) as children.

4th drink Natty Boho: At this time, Liz and her new gal pal Susy (of the Soviettes) were getting their drink on with Jagermeister bombs. We also got to hang out and meet Annie from the Soviettes. During this time, Liz's sister Amy and I were watching members of the Epoxies going in and out of the bathroom trying out different wardrobes.

5th drink Bass Ale: It was around 11PM and Against Me! had just taken the stage playing their new songs off of 'Searching for a Former Clarity.' We were by the front speakers on stage right. The crowd was chanting along and the vibe was pretty mellow. Some folks behind me yelled 'nah nah nah' in between songs and since I wanted to hear that too, I yelled along with them. Against Me! finlly did play the 'nah nah nah' song shortly before their set ended and it was what the crowd needed.

6th drink Whiskey Sour:
The show ended and Tom and Liz wanted a few minutes to chat so we went next door to a bar and hung out for about 20 minutes. James joined us at the bar and after a jager shot, admitted to needing a break from their 50 state tour. Jordan (the manager I think) paged Tom and James at about 1:30AM and they had to get ready to hit Philly. We said our goodbyes and got some much needed sleep after going to a diner to fill our guts with greasy diner food.


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XP to Mac Skins (Gant3, Flyakite)

First off, I am not a Mac zealot. I do own an iPod but do not have any Macs. The current laptop I am on dual boots XP and SUSE. But anyway, I was getting a little sick of looking at my boring XP theme and although I had used some skins in the past, I always found them slightly less functional, albeit pretty. Litestep is a decent free skin but using it about 2 years ago, I was never sold on using Litestep on a daily basis. Hopefully, this appliction has been improved over time. This lead me to Flyakite (watch out, the link is to a direct download)which is a Mac skin that I have been using for the last 5 or so months. Well quite happy with Flyakite, I came across Gant3Ocean ShellPack a week ago and hesitant to install it over my current Flyakite skin, I decided to install it anyway and see if it worked okay and not manage to slow down my box that much.
The Gant3 Ocean ShellPack ran just fine without boosting my CPU usage more than 10% (may vary by system). The dock installed was easy to manipulate and within 10 minutes, I was able to remove all of the icons that were unnecessary and add my own (like netstumbler and other useful utilities). With the dock set, I was able to remove a clutter of icons that used to litter my desktop. One of the other applications installed was ubericon which gave me the 'bump' effect when clicking on an icon.
So far I have been using these skins for the last week and have been content with the results. No, it's not OSX, KDE or GNOME, but it does function better than the standard out of box installation of XP, and I think it looks a hell of a lot better.


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