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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Quality VS Quantity

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I try to keep a mix of both on this blog but recently posts have come a little more scarce. Blame it on the rush of winter, combined with a relentless work pace if you will but I still plan to have at least one post per day. I have been collecting new applications like a meth addict collects cleaning rags and should have some nice new reviews out within the next few days. G2G Exchange is back up and running again after having some bandwidth problems and I have sent more files to the sleepyliz acct (passwd is n33dsl33p for both G2G and Gmail). Ok, now I gotta get moving, going to see Against Me! in Baltimore tonight.


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Pulling My Hair Out (by the roots)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My work has me so spun up that when I answered a phone call at home today, I did my usual telephone pick up line but with a 'this is aL speaking.' Liz's sister was a slight bit confused. Today at 10AM, I had another 20 some odd new hirees walk in and sheer pandemonium ensued. Liz was browsing through Interpunk last night and noticed that they are hiring in the Virginia area, so I sent them my resume. Now if I get called in for an interview, do I wear a collar and tie or because the company is Interpunk, should I go casual? And what is it with 'corporate punk' these days anyway? Anyway long debate over the words 'punk' and 'corporate' in the same sentence but that is for another time.


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Telnet is Dead?

I was listening to binrev radio episode 109 (I think episode 109) and even if I don't like the new hosts nearly as much as Stank Dawg, Black Ratchet and Not Theory had a pretty cool discussion about the days of Telnet which brought tears of happiness to my slanted Chinese eyes. I can remember back in college my email account was via telnet so that when I was visiting my dead grandma in Tawian, I could still access my email via command line to telnet(as webmail at the time was not always accessible). The radio discussion also went into Gopher (which for those of you unfamiliar, was virtually a text based precursor to the Internet). Anyways, telnet these days is more or less replaced with SSH (which in my opinion is like a good upgrade), and now instead of text based pr0n, we have full on hardcore fruit sex. Well call it an upgrade, but I still do miss the days of telnet.


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Romance Novels and Photoshop

Monday, November 28, 2005

This guy Longmire had some fun with Photoshop and Romance Novels. Go here to see his handiwork. I have to say, some of them are altered well enough to be almost believeable.


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Sharing the Pr0n Like Good Friends Do (G2G Exchange)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Browsing and sharing Gmail files with other users? Well I had to give G2G Exchange a try. But shit, what about all that pr0n that a certain unnamed friend sends me? I don't really want to have other people browsing that nor self incriminating emails I have sent others. So I went to Gmail and created a new 'dummy' account for testing purposes that could be used on G2G Exchange. After logging on, I had to 'index' my files from my Gmail account. Clicking on the 'browse' button, it pulled up a list of users who had also indexed their files (pictures, movies, applications) and simply had to click on a name to see what files from their Gmail account had been indexed.
The image on the left shows a list of indexed files available to be downloaded by anyone visiting the site. Pretty cool idea in the sense of a P2P network, but also a great potential security hazard for anyone with someone else's Gmail login information. If you want to play around on the 'dummy' account, the info is
user: sleepyliz
passwd: n33dsl33p

The information above is not only for G2G Exchange but also for Gmail. I don't know if the feature to upload files directly to G2G Exchange does exists but I was unable to find a way of doing so without first having to login to Gmail, upload a file and send it off. Other than this minor inconvenience, it is pretty fun to browse though other people's files. Also, I need to mention that G2G Exchange does not index actual emails for reading so privacy in that aspect is good. If this exchange thing goes well, maybe I will get brave and unleash the massive amounts of porn filed in my Gmail account.


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Free Web Phone Service Via Linux (linphone)

I don't have a landline. Personally, I am rarely home so I don't see the need in having an extra bill. But there are things that I could or would do if I were to ever have the need for a landline again. For instance, I could maybe get Tivo but the only shows I am addicted to right now are Scrubs and Prison Break so I really cannot justify getting a Tivo. I would also love to get asterisk set up but I still don't see the need for a landline. OK, before I digress too much from my post today, let me bring you back about 9 years ago. Phone service via the Internet was just starting out and a little company named dialpad was offering free Internet phone service. Back then, there was no VoIP but dialpad's service (free at that time), allowed anyone in the US to make calls through their web service to anywhere in the United States. Although the service was free, the phone quality was 'patchy' at best with certain delays. But not being able to argue with free, I used dialpad and as bad as it was with the delays, it still worked. The Internet has come a long way from the old days of dialpad, and even though they are still around, VoIP has largely taken over and replaced the market of web phone service.
But going back to web phone service, Linphone.org offers free phone calls to anywhere in the whole world, but running on linux. I have yet to try linphone as no landline, but this might be a good application for that 100 dollar laptop from MIT as I heard it runs on Red Hat.


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Inundated Digg Submits

Friday, November 25, 2005

I hate to have a bunch of my posts revolving around the site digg but this one I could not pass up upon. This morning after my browse through digg's front page, I visited the 'digg for stories section' which basically shows newly dugg stories people are submitting in high hopes of mass diggs and accolades from fellow diggers. Surprisingly or maybe not, I was bombarded with hate remarks aimed at kevin rose. Slander about him giving bad blowjobs and what not. Although amusing the first time I read it a few days ago, now it just became a tiresome bypass to the next story. I must also mention for those who have not yet seen these dead posts that the story just leads to another link on digg about censorship and banning of spam users and people who post for a lack of better terms, 'shit.' So keeping this post less personal regarding opinions, I have to say that I feel bad for those people who actually have valid submissions and now are buried due to intolerant wasteful spam posts which weigh down and inundate digg with more bullshit. A conspiracy from the folks at Slashdot? I hardly think not even if there is some sibling rivalry going on bewteen the two sites. After wading through 2 pages of the same post regarding Kevin Rose giving a bad blowjob, I just logged off and went to a less user driven site. That does bother me slightly that I might have missed a cool post on page 3 but I am willing to live with that. I don't believe in censorship and a reason I don't post much on forums is due to 'moderation.' I don't think that digg should go the way of banning and censorship and no matter how much they try, there are loopholes around this type of thing. I thought one of the ideas behind digg was bringing power to the masses, not selective stories chosen at a boardroom table. I won't say I have a solution but in the time being, I probably won't be visiting the 'digg for stories' section.


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Online Storage Solutions (a Mozy review)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I decided to take a dive and see what all the word involving a free 2 gig online backup was all about. Yes, the gripe is that 2 gigs of storage is not all that much but hell, when you are talking about 2 gigs of free storage space, you have to put all complaints aside and recall the word free. So like a brave soul, I decided to give Mozy a test run and see if it lived up to the hype. Upon signing up, you are asked if you would like to answer a quick questionnaire for an extra gig of space. I quickly browsed through the EULA which was a slightly disturbing read but decided to proceed with the installation. After filling out the proper information, my account was bumped from 1 gigabyte of storage space to 2. Proceeding to my email account, I was sent a link to download and install the executable Mozy application. Below is a screenshot of the application after login.

I have to say, I was kind of hoping it would all be web based thefore if run on another computer, Mozy would not need a subsequent install to be able to run. However, I guess this step might have been included due to the 448-bit blowfish encryption. Still, navigation was painfully tedious.

The bit rate was for me was about 48 KB/s which is fairly decent. Still, something about this program skeeved me out to the point where after the quick install, I had to go and get rid of the program. For the time being, I am going to stick with my current web host and even though not free, it is much more manageable.
If you are desperate for free storage space, give Mozy a try. If you can live without a free 2 gigs of online storage or are afraid of a third party acquiring all of your personal information, I still suggest you wait until something better comes out. Sorry, but not recommended


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Seeking Relative Obscurity (search engine decoder)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You ever wonder who gets the data to and from Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alexa, and other large name search engines? Well me neither. But the people behind search-this.com have come up with a neat graphical way of showing the tide ebbs of flowing information between such search engines. Search Engine Decoder provides 'bubbles' on which you may click on to find out where the site is pulling information from and who (if anyone) is getting data from that site.
So for instance the picture below shows me clicking on the 'dogpile' bubble. The red arrows indicate that dogpile is receiving infomation from Yahoo, MSN, looksmart, Google and Ask Jeeves. The yellow arrow indicates that dogpile results that are paid results, come from Yahoo.

Honestly however, the fun from this site begins when clicking on the 'New Pagerank Decoder' button on the top right. I normally don't view Google's page rank on my Google toolbar as I don't want Google's skewed views forced upon me before I have a chance to decide on my own if a site is 'important,' but this pagerank decoder is a fun way of seeing data visually pulled. All in all, pretty interesting information which could not be presented in a much better fashion.


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Probing Your Box

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Get your mind out of the gutter you degenerate! I was talking about your computer box. Sygate has a Security Scan that you can now implement when online to see what kind of information from your computer is visible. After a quick scan, it will try to determine what services you are running, what your computer name is, your OS, browser and IP. Not totally conclusive and nothing in depth like an nmap scan but good for a quick lookup if you are on a public computer and want to find out some more info on the box you are surfing on.


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Wordpress.org VS Wordpress.com

I will admit that my last few posts have mentioned wordpress.com in it and I am actually quite excited that they finally went public and now anyone who wants an account can sign up (free) and use wordpress without having a webhost which you formerly had to do with wordpress.org. But what the hell is the bloody difference you ask? Well there are some pros and cons for both but let's do a quick breakdown on the newly public wordpress.com.

Blogger (which I am currently using) has some serious competition now that anyone who wants to start a blog can also use wordpress.com. Yes, there are a ton of other blogging services out there like livejournal, myspace, type pad but the heavy hitters in the blogging community have also been using wordpress.org for some time now. I will get into the distinctions shortly bewteen the wordpress .com/.org. All I want to mention in this paragraph is that competition is good and hopefully the folks behind blogger (*cough *cough, Google) will step up their game.

So you don't have to sign up with a webhost for the wordpress.com. You don't have to FTP your files and configure your page and there are a lot less functions for you to have to deal with or worry about when using wordpress.com. That is not always a bad thing if you want a quick, easy installation that can be set up in minutes. The sacrifice for that is that you will not have the controlability you have with wordpress.org. With the .org version, you can set up mulitple user accounts, edit the source code of templates to your liking, and in general have more control over what you have created. The .com version is a 'lite' version if you will. After fooling around for an hour on it, I still had no idea if I was able to upload my own template instead of the canned ones that thousands of other people will likely have. And as far as scripting, I was not allowed to touch any of it to modify it to my purposes. Now I could be wrong and if these features exist, I simply didn't find them but my major gripe with the .com version was the lack of control. However, as mentioned before, if you don't care for the control issues or simply have no need for them, then the .com version works just fine. I have the high hopes that the public release shall grow with more options as time progresses and I even managed to grab some decent short names for future potential sites, but for now I will probably side with the wordpress.org.

Pros on Wordpress.com
*it's free baby!
*it has cooler features than blogger
*set up can be done by a five year old

Cons on Wordpress.com
*less features than the .org version
*less controlability than the .org version
*only a few templates included


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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sometimes the new version your favorite app just sucks. I don't know about you, but I am still running an archaic version of winamp and it works fine, as subsequent versions have had the recurring problems of crashing and other miscellaneous problems. If you want older versions of some of your favorite programs, go to OldVersion for a plethora of versions of applications ranging from instant messengers to utilities.

I haven't had the opportunity do a plethora of posts today as I have been having fun reviewing the new publicly released version of wordpress. Come back tomorrow for a full review.


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Scopetech in da House?

I noticed a jump in my stats for this page yesterday and was trying to figure out why. As it turns out, my post on Harry Potter=Kevin Rose? landed in the Scopetech forums. Quite funny, I must say.

On a side note, Wordpress has just released their doors to the public and now you can create a page through them. I have to say that Wordpress has some nice functions and options that Blogger does not, so I may have to eventually jump ship and move over to Wordpress.


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Spread Firefox (not that you haven't already)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

So you have done your share of spreading Firefox right? Well the good people at the Firemonger Project have taken the extra step. Howso you ask? Their mirrors offer not only the download for Firefox and Thunderbird, but also a nice list of extensions and plugins. You merely need to download a version (with extras or not- which incidentally have the MD5 checksums for file verication), rip it to a few CD's and pass them out to friends and relatives. Grassroots style but hey, at this point, IE is the devil.


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Toilet Paper Machines

Japan has some of the most amazingly bizarre technology. I came across this site awhile back and I have to say that I have never seen such cool vending machines here in the States. I don't however, see the cigarette or liquor vending machines work well here in the U.S. Damn, politically correct, uptight Americans!!!


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Harry Potter=Kevin Rose? (a synopsis)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Before I begin, let me inform you fanboys of Kevin Rose that this post is very tongue-in-cheek, and the whole post is merely a playful jest. So please lay off the DDoS's and mailbombs.

The following is a brief synopsis that occurred in my warped brain while watching the latest Harry Potter movie. I noticed that in Diggnation episode 9 Kevin was not amused by the Harry Potter books or movies (which was a little fishy). So I did a little research. OK, let's begin the similarities.

Kevin Rose: Unruly dark hair, against establishment (as G4 took over), an unwanted posterboy for the dark arts of hacking (remember the 'dark tipper'?). Travel(s)(ed) with trusty sidekick Dan, and former Girlfriend Sarah Lane.

Harry Potter: Unruly Dark hair, against joining establishment (Ministry of Magic), an unwanted posterboy for magic, but with the temptation of the dark magic. Travels with trusty sidekick Ron and gal pal Hermione.
Now the image above is of the lesser know sidekicks (yes, that was a Rancid reference). Hermione, although younger than Sarah, does have some similar facial features. And don't forget their love for cats.

I will admit that this one is a stretch but take away the red hair and freckles but note the emo/harcore(I don't give a shit about my hair) haircut and you got the right hand man.

In conclusion, empirical evidence has indicated that Kevin Rose does not like Harry Potter for the striking similarities of his real life with fictional characters.


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Not So Elementary Antics (FLY pen)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is not new news but it is good news-look, I made a funny. On a serious note, the folks at Leapfrog who create interactive learning toys for the youngins have already unleashed their amazing FLY pen. If you live in the dark ages or simply don't care about products to consume your child's time so you can search for more pr0n uninterrupted, FLY is an interactive pen that allows you to calculate math problems by writing numbers on their specially designed paper, create music by drawing a keyboard and then touching the keys (with your pen), set a vocal schedule by writing (are you getting the 'writing' theme yet or do I have to cram more writing based examples down your throat?) and a host of other cool options. Aimed at a slightly older crowd than the usual tot crowd, I have already seen the FLY pen at the Target stores. Now if I could only get my 5 year old to fluidly read and write, I might have an excuse to buy this. Either that or reverse the aging process so that I can once again become a pre-pubescent teen but that is not quite feasible with the current technology of today (yet), so I will have to come up with another excuse.


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Quick Update

I honestly have not been working much on lifeofstrife.net lately so I figured I would add a new post there. We have some other cool projects in the works so eventually the page will evolve. I should have another few posts up here later today so check back. Holla?


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Cold and Ugly (the hot bra)

The temperature here in the DC area has dropped over 30 degrees since yesterday and now it is cold as balls. What I need is something like this but for men. Incidentally, I got this link from the fine folks at www.dreamlogic.net/. However, I got to thinking that if there were a wardrobe malfunction, the result for a woman would merely be scorched titties but if there was an male version of this product, there would be roasted nuts. Perhaps I will stay with the insulated underwear as I don't want to run the risk.


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Smell My Phone (please?)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The fine folks at Hyundai have created the next-gen cell phone. The MP-280 offers a twist on modern day cell phone technology that has yet to be released so far. What is the hype? Perfume! Yes, now when opening your cell phone, you too can be sprayed in the face like some minature robotic octopus releasing pleasant smelling pheromones when being attacked. So to clarify, it doesn't actually spray , although that would be a great gag when combined with pepper spray. It merely releases beautiful fragrances so that your telephone conversations can be all that more stimulating. I don't know about you, but this expensive contraption from Hyundai seems more fitting in a bathroom odor commercial and this bad boy will set you back around $1,200.00. I don't know about you, but a money-shot from a 1,200 dollar phone just doesn't seem appetizing to me.


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More Fun with Poop Than Ever!!!

So kpR and I have had an ongoing discussion about fecal matter for the last week or so. We jokingly came up with the idea of a phone sex-esque ploy that involves 'hotties who shit while on the phone with you.' So using the aid of instantdomainsearch.com I decided to see what fecal site domain names are still available. Here is what is available.
fecalfreaks.com/net, shitonthephone.com/net, smearingpoop.com/net, chicksthatshit.com/net are all available. However, pooponme.com is not.
Not that I would ever back this project up or anything but what a disgustingly funny and sick idea.


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JAP (not about Japanese people)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Along the theme of applications that need a better name, JAP is an application that does not promise anonymity on the net, but more obscurity when used. I used this application a year or so ago on an old desktop but for one reason or another, never did put it on my daily used laptop. I will write a full review after I have some time to tinker with this application.
Something similar, but perhaps more known is Tor. Basically, after running Tor, your net surfing is obscured though a series of 'onion' routers and finally bounced back to you. So far, this application seems pretty promising.


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Now IE Compatible

Consider it a labour of love, but as Chris pointed out, my former 3 column CSS template was not compatible with viewers using Internet Explorer. So this is what I am going to stick with until another problem arises. Now, I need to catch up with some much needed sleep. Expect some posts later tonight.


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The Sewer People of Moscow

Monday, November 14, 2005

I jokingly use this picture from Futurama to poke fun about this article about people who have lived in the 'Moscow Underground' but it is really a fascinating read. Growing up in Hawaii, I had dreams of spelunking but as seeing as there was only water below, I went from hiking trails to exploring rooftops, abandoned warehouses, and construction zones. I still get a spine tingling sensation when exploring. Maybe I should apply to the travel channel or Discovery?


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Who Lock Me? (Sharing Violation)

Sounding like gibberish streaming from a Chinese man attempting to open a door, Who Lock Me is actually an application that can be used when trying to determine why you cannot delete a file. If you have tried this one out, let me know how it works as I am too 1337 and already know every process running on my boxes (yes, that was a joke).


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Advanced Archive Password Recovery Review (zip cracker)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

First off, the name of this product continues to slay me. L0phtcrack (seemingly gone now) is somewhat memorable. Cain and Abel is a good name for an application. Advanced Archive Password Recovery is a tongue twister that is forgotten almost as soon as it is said. And to be truthful, not all that spectacular. However, it will get the work done.
So what the hell does it do anyway? When you compress files into .zip, .rar, .arj you have the option to password protect that file so when uncompressing, you are prompted with a password. If you have forgotten the password, then this application will attempt to audit the file until the correct password is found. So let's get into the screenshots first and then I will list some pros and cons. The screenshot above is the launch screen in which we have a bunch of different options on how to crack the password. Because I have a number of different wordlists and didn't want to use the default list that comes with the app, I loaded my own wordlist in which is just a long .txt file with names.

Pretty self explanatory here but when all the correct options are set, hit the 'start' button and let it start cracking. On average, the password attemtps made were about 10 passwords per second which is not bad. Here is the screen displaying the cracked password.

My views on Advanced Archive Password Recovery.
Pros: *Cracking options are not limited only to dictionary attacks and brute-force but also use mask, plain text, password from keys and guaranteed win-zip recovery.
*Easy navigation and little to no tutorials needed for the average user.

Cons: *The fucking name! I have to keep looking up to my other tab to figure out the damn name of this application.
*NOT FREE. For something that is pretty simple, you can use it free for 30 days but after that, the folks at Elcomsoft ask that for personal use you should fork over $60 and for business use, $120.
*Only 1 wordlist is included.

If you are in need of a zip/rar cracker, this one will do, but prepare to hand over some cash if you want to use this application on a regular basis. Sorry, if I am going to pay $60, I want more features, more wordlists and something other free crackers do not offer.


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Pirate Groupies

I had intended to get some stuff written yesterday but wound up late last night in the back of someone's yard for a pirate themed party where all the booze was gone but the fire in the pit was continously growing. As it turned out, someone down the street who has a permanent stage in the backyard (and field to accompany it) invited Liz's cousin who was fronting a band to play. Very odd and surreal.


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MozBackup (part deux)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Here is the follow up to the earlier post about MoxBackup. So you want to back up your extensions, links and themes for your beloved Firefox and you downloaded the Mozbackup so now what?
1.)First off, pay attention to where the hell you back it up to. For instance, I did a backup and not paying attention, had to search it until I found it under the 'my documents' folder.'
2.)The .pcv file name (if you read the FAQ is actually a .zip file. So rename that SOB and then you can pull what data you need (I was looking for my bookmarks).
3.)If you want to 'restore' a session, make sure to fire up the proper version of the Firefox and when using the backup, hit 'restore' (duh!).

OK, with that out of the way, I should have a full review of Advanced Archive Password Recovery later this weekend. And believe me, the review is not going to be pretty.


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Pervasive Alcoholism in DC?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My work currently has me coordinating schedules for new hires in the DC Metro area. Swamped with phone calls since 5AM, I was just starting to relax around 11AM when I realized that a new hire was supposed to be in. After 20 minutes, I went back to my towering stack of paperwork and didn't think about the new hire until noon. The new hire who shall go by the name 'S' was not at home when I called, nor bothered to pick up her cell phone.
As I was getting ready to leave at 12:30, who should walk in an hour late, but our new hire S. She apologized profusely and mentioned that it was an emergency situation that caused her tardiness. Not one to gripe, I asked if her if all was okay and she looked relieved that I was not on her case about being late. S proceeded to tell me that the reason she was late was because she had to take a friend to the hospital. Intrigued, I asked her what had happened to her friend. Apparently, S's friend had overdosed on the liquor and had to have her stomach pumped. Now calculating the time, I figured that S had been in the hospital for maybe 4-5 hours as ER usually is pretty quick to respond to alcohol poisoning (trust me, I know from a friend who went through the same thing). So 4-5 hours earlier would have placed the drinking incident to about 4 or 5 AM in the morning. I won't assume that S was with this boozer drinking up a storm at 5AM but damn, is this what a company who hires thousands of people want? There are just some things you should not tell your new work on the first day of the job.


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Abort a Shutdown (command line tip of the day)

Today at work, all connected computers to the network suddenly displayed a message saying that the system was going to shut down in 4 hours for a reboot and that your computer would be turned off. Luckily, there was a 4 hour grace period. But what about those occasional messages in Windoze when you have 30 seconds to shutdown and you have to backup your data and save your work? Well, let's abort that damn shutdown message.

Go to your 'Start' button, and hit 'Run'.
From Run, type in 'cmd' for the command terminal.
Then type in 'shutdown -a' excluding the '.


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NSA and CrytoKids (are they really there?)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I found this pretty cool and funny link today and decided that it would be a fun 3 minute check to see if the great NSA, www.nsa.gov (which resides 30 minutes from where I live in MD) was indeed located in Maryland and the site was not spoofed. So here I do a quick DNS lookup.

The screen below is a a quick tracert from the DNS I obtained in the former picture. Because the requests kept timing out, I took the last viable IP and ran it through a locator to see where the last ping went.

Aha! Too close for comfort. I guess www.nsa.gov/kids/ is legit! Now that the folks at NSA are watching my every keystroke, I had better publish this before my laptop mysteriously dies.


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Free Ubuntu Distros Came In

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Since today I am all about the deals, I thought I would give Ubuntu a plug and mention that the free cd's that I ordered from them finally came in. Here is the link.
The install version was quick and easy to set up and I was able to give the live version a run at Liz's school since one of her school computers died and would not boot the dreaded XP. Ubuntu did have a few problems with detecting the proper screen size and although the live version ran on a 2 year old Dell, after 30 minutes with fiddling with the proper screen size, I went and booted Knoppix STD with no problems. I don't if Knoppix STD is now KDE or fluxbox but I have to say that fluxbox is a much faster, cleaner live CD that requires a lot less down time.
All in all, Ubuntu is good for the *nix n00b and a very stable distro. The live version might need a little more work but maybe it will work for you fine. And once again, it is free so why not give it a try?


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My Friend Got Fired (and you benefit)

An unnamed friend got fired from UPS recently and sent me these promotional codes. I can vouch for three of them.

Cingular 17% off of regular plan. 800-319-6393 and reference FOUNDATION ACCOUNT NUMBER: 43131

Dell 10% off. 866-257-4711, option 2. When calling, please be sure to mention the coupon code. Please identify yourself as a UPS employee, and if asked, please provide UPS’ Member ID Number: GS14216477.

Ramada Inn 20% off: # Call toll free 1-800-462-8035, operators are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Mention ID# 68199

Visit FrangranceNet.com to shop, enter the code UPSSAVE to receive the additional 15 percent savings.

The Popcorn Factory offers an assortment of snacks and treats. Save 15 percent when you use promotion code UPS at check out.
You also can place an order through their toll-free customer service number at 1-888-755-7474. Visit The Popcorn Factory Web site to begin shopping.

onlineshoes.com 16% off. promo code UPS

The Penguin Group at brown.penguin.com 25% off books
User Name: employee
Password: gobrown

1-800-FLOWERS 15% discount: Visit the 1-800-FLOWERS Web site or Call 1-888-755-7474 The promotion code is "UPS".

omahasteaks.com/promo/ups 40% off: promo code ACY


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I'm So Stupid It Hurts (getting fucked by Google Again)

Monday, November 07, 2005

So as mentioned before, I realized that recently I was getting less than 1% of traffic from Google whereas a few weeks ago, most of my referrals were through the Google search engine. It only dawned on me today, that the reason why I have had a huge traffic drop is due to none other than blogsearch.google.com/.
Now, to Google's defense, I am using blogger (which is incidentally owned by none other than the big G), which means that now I get dry-raped because I am categorozed as a blog even though I don't very often 'blog' about my shitty life but try to focus more on tech reviews and findings. As a result of google's blogsearch, now everything I post will be indexed only by blogsearch. Fucking wankers! If this is a future trend to come, I will bail and start a new site.


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Back That Fox Up (firefox extensions & bookmarks backup)

So you love using Firefox but hate it when you migrate to another machine and have to reinstall the Fox which entails your bookmarks and the mulitude of hard found extensions. Well MozBackup is the app for you. Create a backup of your Mozilla browsers in a hurry and save yourself that frantic late night searching for that entension you had but can't recall where you got it from.


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Who's Connected (to you?)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

So here is a quick, non-install-needed app that will quickly tell you what program is connected to the Internet and what IP it is connected to. Yes, you could just go to the command line and type it netstat-n but some people feel safer with a GUI. I will admit that it is pretty fast and good for grabbing an IP when on IM and trying to hack your friend.


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Barbie Intolerance

First off, I apologize to those who came back expecting a full review of
Advanced Archive Password Recovery but my desktop is having problems once again so I will post that review when I get my desktop back in working order. Also, my blog has been having some loading issues due to digg having some issues with server space so until that is resolved, my digg feed will not be up.
On a side note, check out this Barbie Intolerance Collection.


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Getting Fucked by Google

Friday, November 04, 2005

My site stats have dropped like a guy's voice after taking massive doses of estrogen and hormone therapy. It would appear that Google no longer pulls up my site as much as it used to. Anyway, I am currently working on a review for (take a deep breath) Advanced Archive Password Recovery. I should have the review up by late tonight or early Saturday.


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Starving in the Suburbs (non city life)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My work has me scheduled now from 5PM until about 11PM. Last week, my hours were 2AM until 8:30AM. My gripe today is that with my current schedule, by the time I finish work, all the restaurants are closed. In the city, I could hit a number of different places for late night dining and the closest diner I can go to would be about 30 minutes in Annapolis. Well, I had better go eat my Ramen before it gets cold.


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Zombies on Parade

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So I am a few days late on the zombie post but I could not pass it up as I love me some zombies. Click on the picture for the rest of the Flickr pool with zombies.
On the note of zombies, kpR sent me this cool article by how stuff works, on zombies. It covers everything from folklore to zombie self defense. A good quick read with lots of information, but don't forget the legal pad so you can take notes.


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If I were a Camwhore (part deux)

Here's me whoring myself out again for something I will probably never have. But damn is this sweet. I think if someone sent me an Athens Display setup, I would probably be one of those Internet hobos that live in front of the screen, never bothering to go out and ordering everything I needed from my workspace. So what can I offer for someone that sends me this? How's about a year's supply of finger and toenail clippings?


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Poll Results For October 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Once again, thanks to all who went to vote on last month's poll. The breakdown for how people see themselves dying goes as such:
33% see themselves dying from Booze,
4% from pills
4% from smoking
21% from suicide
17% from STD's
and 21% from all of the above

Cheerful bunch of fuckers aren't you?


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Have You Been Pwned?

DShield has a quick test you can run to see if your box has been compromised.
Because this is not a definitive way to see if your computer has been hacked, here are some other free tools from the Gibson Research Corporation to help from having those mean old h4x0rs steal information from your computer. Here are some of the free tools, DCOMbobulator, Shoot the Messenger, UnPlug n' Pray, XPedite, and ID Serve.


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Let's All Say it Together, Dodecahedron

Here is a quick fun paper project that actually has a use, unlike these cool, but otherwise non-functioning origami characters from Mario. As recommended, you should use thicked printing paper (100-120 g/m²) as regular printing paper will do fine, but when gluing and folding, it is easier and more aesthetically pleasing than the usual prining paper.


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