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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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ill-fated feminine species...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I was going to have a great post filled with pictures of the DC zoo today but once again learning to not follow the judgement of the oppsite sex, I will have to see those sad little penguins another day. Really, if it were up to me, I too would be basking in the audience paying praise to the Nation's Capital Zoo where animals are kicking the bucket more than our soldiers in Iraq. But seriously, make it known that my plans to see the zoo (now 2 times and no avail) have been beaten down by females. Is this some sort of sick conspiracy? And I know the layout of the page has changed. Like a lack-wit I was messing around with some HTML script and accidentally deleted half of my template. SO, that means that you get to deal with the current god-awful color scheme. Instead of an amusing picture of a monkey shitting itself (sigh), or a picture of a penguin slipping and falling down (double sigh), I will have to send you here instead: dhost.info/kyeu/mirror/blackviper/
I have been conversing with a friend in CA that has been keeping an eye on his virus infested roommate's computer. Black Viper's site is currently down but a mirror of it has been put up in its absence. He has a bunch of useful tips and tricks to show you how you can maximize your use with XP. The zoo post will have to come another time and I will make the visit before all of the animals have been shipped out.



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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No, I am not referring to the band that made it big in the 80's. I am referring to mass movement of East Coast people during the summer months. When I first moved here, I noticed a plethora of stickers with with the letters 'OBX' on them. Finally cracking the code years later, I have also come to the dawning realization that the thing to do out here is to plan a vacation to the beach during the summer months. Here are some places that I have been told about. Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks (OBX-yeah I cracked that code good), Myrtle Beach and Rehoboth Beach. What the fuck is all the excitement about beaches?? I thought everyone (like me) has spent the last 2 decades living in Hawaii. I guess not. Anyway, what I was getting to was that if you are one of the few DCers left behind, with Google's new technology called 'Google Earth', you can now keep tabs on your friends whether they are trying to solicit gay sex down in Roboboth Beach or if they are relaxing on the beach in Hawaii trying to avoid washed up syringes. This is where you want to go earth.google.com/ for information on Google's new program. Unfortunately, it has reached maximum capacity for downloads but I am going to stop by my friendly neighborhood wireless access point and see if I can't find it on limewire.
Feel free to send me a link if it is mirrored somewhere else.


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Bats in the Belfry...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

There are strange animals here in DC. The other day as I stepped out of the house to go to my car, I was assaulted by 3 furry bunnies that were eagerly anticipating my departure, but I showed them-I left the carrots out of my pockets this time. What's the deal with animals that can tear up a half-ton vehicle? And I'm not even talking about bears or moose. Deer litter the freeway like a serial killer's trail of fame. Not too long ago, I witnessed a mack truck hitting a deer. The smears of blood and entrails lasted for nearly 100 feet. And don't let me get into smaller roadkill like possums or racoons. This state is weird. Check out what I saw on the grill of a co-worker's SUV. I know the picture looks a little messes up but I didn't have a great digital camera on me at the time so I had to make do with the camera on the cell phone. Screw these animals, I'm moving back to Hawaii...



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america's greatest (in the minor leagues)

Monday, June 27, 2005

I am willing to admit that I am not the most avid baseball fan. Sure I have seen the movies like major league and the sandlot and a few other true-to-life baseball movies but living in hawaii, it had never really caught on with me. Now that I have successfully acclimated to the east coast, I have found that things here are slightly different. Yes, white people still put their feet up while driving and now there are these mysterious 'fondu' houses all over the DC metro area. If I am to fully integrate into the white society, I first have to go to a real baseball game. So Camden Yards was fun and I got to see the Baltimore Orioles play a few weeks back. Last Saturday night I was privy to a minor leagues game in Bowie MD at the Baysox stadium. Since blogger.com now allows up to 400MB of pic uploads, let's get this bitch fired up and start posting some pics.


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the first drop...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ok, i now have the remaining pictures from hon-fest but like the usual idiot, i didnt transfer them onto my thumbdrive and they are back at my place so i will have to post them later tonight. i am getting ready to go to the bay sox stadium to catch a game tonight. i am also prepared tonight and brought a digital camera. now after helping someone move out of their house today, i could definately enjoy a nice cold beer and a germ-infested hot dog...mmmmm...patriotic. (expect some pics later tonight).



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hon-fest 2005 (again)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I posted a review of hon-fest 2005 last week and was unable to post any pics. Well here is one for the time being until I get the rest worked on.

I should be posting more by the end of the day.



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anywhere but here...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the heat here in DC is in one word, unbearable. and this is coming from someone who spent two decades living in hawaii. i have lived here for nearly 5 years and am still nearly as broke as the day i left. BUT i get to wear a tie and collared shirt to work everyday and on the metro, you would not even know...anyway what i am going to discuss today is firefox. if you do not use firefox, i highly recommend it. hell, if geeks and hackers use it, it's got to be better than internet explorer. if you have not used it, give it a try--it's free anyway so you've got no excuse www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/
no spyware (currently), a smaller percentage of pop-ups, hacks and tweaks, overall firefox is the winner. oh and because im in one of my moods, here is a funny pic i found using the firefox extension StumbleUpon.


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people are strange...Hon Fest 2005

Sunday, June 12, 2005

So i am now fully recovered from my trip to Baltimore yesterday for Hon-Fest 2005. i have been receiving many questions as to what this Hon-Fest thing is. being my first experience, i also inquired as to its origins and what it stood for. bascially it's a lot of drunk people with tattoos, beehive hairdos and funny looking glasses from the 50s. i should have a couple of pictures up by next week but dont hold your breath. around 4 blocks in the city were blocked off, filled to the brim with local merchants, artists and freaks showing off and selling their wares. being that the humidity brought the temperature up to 90 degrees (although it felt like 95 degrees), many tried to cool off with heavly dosages of cheap beer and misting tents. i even saw a few dogs (first attempt i typed 'gods') chilling under the misting tents. those brave (or drunk enough), gave a try at spam bowling while taking breaks from stuffing their gullets with pit roast. the ages of the crowd and demographics ranged from older well dressed couples to an occasional meth-head or anorexic young teen. many sported tattoos and one almost felt that if you didnt brandish a tattoo, you were not privy to insider knowledge. kids and dogs walked scoped the lower half of the crowds and there were more colors displayed than a major acid trip.
In short, i had a great time. If something could be done to the heat, it would have been a magnificent event. i would recommend anyone to go, if you are into seeing new and interesting things you would not normally be exposed to.



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kinda shit you see on your TV...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Hello all, going to be a short post today because it's friday and also because no one reads this. hacker tool of the day is GFI network scanner www.gfi.com/downloads/downloads.aspx?pid=LANSS&lid=en
i have not used version 6 yet but 5 is decent. also grab nmap if you haven't already. peace out..



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a link to the past...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Yes, i surf to some pretty odd places on the net. yes, i have also been sent to many weird places on the net by friends. today i will share a number of links that i visit everyday or have seen that should not be missed.

www.realultimatepower.net/ who the hell doesn't like ninjas? (link courtesey of the bro)

www.digg.com/ it's like if slashdot had a baby with american idol and the leper that lived next door was a fan.

www.boingboing.net/ fun but crazy everyday news that you might have missed.

www.hackaday.com/a modder's fantasy

engadget.com/a techies wet dream

there are a ton of other sites i visit everyday. A good way to pick content through hundreds of entries is through RSS feeds. good luck and good hunting...



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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

masturbate to promote safe sex? yes, this is article is legit. www.theregister.co.uk/2005/06/01/san_francisco_trouser_snake_event/
and i thought that online confessions i posted yesterday were pointless. i think that if you are going to rub one out, the whole point is to rub one out. you dont need an excuse that you are flogging the dolphin for a cause. its kinda like a campaign with the title 'masturbaters of the world unite.' i dont think this solitary gesture is revolutionary but then again who am i but a speck on the net with a voice no one can hear?



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