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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Pimp Proxy and Secure Gmail

Monday, December 05, 2005

This post is going to be rushed as my other half is breathing down my neck waiting to use my laptop. Pimp My IP is yet another proxy service that allows you to hide your surfing habits (at work). I was able to login to blogger.com and do an update which many proxy services do not allow. However, I was unable login to gmail or yahoo for email. I will have to delve a little deeper to see if this is possible.
Speaking of gmail, I love my gmail account and was tired of having a secure login only to be dumped into a non secure account. This guy figured out an easy way to encrypt not only your logins but your traffic as well by having a login set at https://gmail.google.com. That 's' after http is the key. If you do a search for gmail under google, or have a google bar with a gmail button, you are sent to one of the many gmail proxies where only the login is secure. After reading this, I gave it a try and logged in under https://gmail.google.com and now not only my login is secure but traffic on my gmail is secure as well too!


posted by aL, 6:05 PM


commented by Blogger Md.Mainur Rahman, 2:11 AM  
Holy balls, that is a better list than what I have on my del.icio.us account. Thanks!
commented by Blogger aL, 11:44 AM  
commented by Anonymous Anon, 1:54 AM  
Instead of using proxies you can install "Hotspot Shield" free VPN to bypass office firewalls to access gmail from work with complete privacy. It is a free VPN that bypasses all filters and firewall restrictions and also you can access every blocked content that you want.
commented by Blogger Anna howart, 12:25 AM  
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commented by Blogger runa laila, 6:21 AM  

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