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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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My Kid Likes Apple Computers and I Don't Even Own One

Friday, December 02, 2005

Not too long ago, a post from my blog made it to the front page of digg.com just because people liked the computer my 5 year old daughter built. Not to exploit her just for a few cheap shots to raise site stats, I was hestitant about putting her next project online. Well I decided it was a cool enough project and won't go into it too much, but basically, she wanted a laptop so she took two white cardboard boxes and drew herself a laptop. I did help her in gluing a hinge on the back so that her laptop could open and shut like a real one. Not bad for a kid mod, and I might just have to reward her sometime by getting her her very own computer so she can stop pestering me to use mine.


posted by aL, 9:35 PM


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