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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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High Rollers at the Micro Center

Monday, December 12, 2005

My weekend was pretty interesting. Not only did I get to meet some old friends in Arlington, I also acted as a free computer consultant. Basically, my friend Veronica asked me to tag along as the mother of the child she watches after work was going to buy her a Christmas present and had no idea about what constituted as a 'good' laptop or desktop. So the lady, who shall go by the name 'C' met Veronica and me, and we followed 'C' to the Micro Center in Fairfax VA. In 20 minutes and about 4 thousand dollars later, my friend Veronica had a brand new HP laptop, and 'C' had bought a dual core p4, 1 gig ram, 300 gig HD desktop and also the 21 inch wide panel LCD to accompany it. After a UPS, some printers and cables not to mention the warranty, we were literally greeted by no less than 3 managers and had sales reps from different departments of the store offering free deals, mail in rebates and even had our pictures taken by two different sales people. I did manage to shy away from the cameras, but it was pretty surreal. I think the next time I do some computer consulting, I will charge people in lemons and grapefruit, as I am still dying of scurvy.


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