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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Corporate Drama and a Bleak Optimistic Outlook

Monday, December 19, 2005

I know I have not been posting much lately. First off, the DSL line from Verizon has still not been set up and they promised it will be up this Tuesday. Second, my job has been kicking me in the shins with soccer shoes and I have been leaving work feeling like an exsanguinated victim after a vampire attack. Third, blame the holiday season for taking my Internet time. But let's not be putting any blame here as I am a firm believer that if your life is shitty, it is probably because you have not done much to keep it from being shitty. Here is my letter of resignation to my current work and next week I start work at interpunk.

I am regretful to inform you that Friday, Dec 23rd 2005 will be my last day with UPS. I have been trying to seek a full time job with UPS for the last 4 months with no avail and recently an offer for a different full time job came along. I did not want to rush into leaving UPS so I spent 2 weeks weighing the pros and cons and also hoping that I would hear back about a possible interview for full time hours. With no response from HR about full time hours, I accepted the offer at the other company who wanted me to work right away but I told them that I would at least like to give UPS a week's notice.

I know that both of you (Bill, Pete) are not in charge of the hiring process but I have felt slightly overlooked in the past few months when new hirees who have just graduated from college come right in and are hired, where I have a degree, computer training, certifications, as well as a lot of preload operation skills and training. It seems to me that the idea of promoting within was not taken into account for my case after I left the DC building.

Nonetheless, I have learned a great deal from working at UPS and have gained many skills that have not only made me a better employee but a better person as well. I have learned some valuable management skills and am fully grateful for Jim Harris in the DC building who has looked out for me since the day I started.

On Friday Dec 23rd, after the driver helpers are set, I will drive to Burtonsville where I will return my uniform, laptop and ID to Pete. Once again, thank you all

aL (well shit, did you think I would use my full name?)
Metro D.C Industrial Engineering Department


posted by aL, 4:58 PM


Rock the banana boat! Nananananannana
commented by Anonymous KpR, 5:50 PM  
Fuck Yeah!
Get out of corporate america while you still have some soul left!
commented by Anonymous Mike, 7:32 PM  
hells ya. speaking of which, i have not had a banana split in some time now....
commented by Anonymous aL, 8:13 PM  
Congrats on deciding to take the job offer. If UPS can't throw you a bone, get off your haunches and go elsewhere!
commented by Anonymous Capt. Jack Sparrow, 2:23 PM  
Verizon always does that. They don't keep their promises. Thats why I switched my provider. They are cheap and very reliable. Check their site out: www.dsl-ds3.com
commented by Anonymous john, 7:18 PM  

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