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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Chronological Beer Count at an Against Me! Show

Thursday, December 01, 2005

1st shot of Jameson's Whiskey: We walked into Recher Theatre in Baltimore at 9 to see Smoke or Fire take stage. Roughly 300 people were already packed in the old poolhall renovated venue.

2nd shot of Jameson's Whiskey: Halfway through Smoke or Fire's set which mingled older material with their new unreleased songs. They were tired from their 50 State tour but put up a good high energy show. They had the only circle pit of the night that I was aware of.

3rd drink Natty Boho:
This was backstage where the Soviettes, Against Me!, the Epoxies and Smoke or Fire had just finished their set. Liz had brought in childhood pictures of Italy where she had met Tom (from Against Me!) as children.

4th drink Natty Boho: At this time, Liz and her new gal pal Susy (of the Soviettes) were getting their drink on with Jagermeister bombs. We also got to hang out and meet Annie from the Soviettes. During this time, Liz's sister Amy and I were watching members of the Epoxies going in and out of the bathroom trying out different wardrobes.

5th drink Bass Ale: It was around 11PM and Against Me! had just taken the stage playing their new songs off of 'Searching for a Former Clarity.' We were by the front speakers on stage right. The crowd was chanting along and the vibe was pretty mellow. Some folks behind me yelled 'nah nah nah' in between songs and since I wanted to hear that too, I yelled along with them. Against Me! finlly did play the 'nah nah nah' song shortly before their set ended and it was what the crowd needed.

6th drink Whiskey Sour:
The show ended and Tom and Liz wanted a few minutes to chat so we went next door to a bar and hung out for about 20 minutes. James joined us at the bar and after a jager shot, admitted to needing a break from their 50 state tour. Jordan (the manager I think) paged Tom and James at about 1:30AM and they had to get ready to hit Philly. We said our goodbyes and got some much needed sleep after going to a diner to fill our guts with greasy diner food.


posted by aL, 6:12 PM


I'm glad to hear that Smoke or Fire had a circle pit. When they were here (Minneapolis) the crowd all seemed to be waiting it out for Against Me! and not rocking out to the fabulous musical stylings of Smoke or Fire - as they should have been... I was.
commented by Anonymous Brianna, 5:16 AM  
Yeah, I saw smoke or fire a few months back and was quite impressed. Part of going to see Against Me! was also checking out Smoke or Fire's new stuff..did they mention when their new CD was coming out?
commented by Anonymous aL, 4:47 PM  

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