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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Wordpress.org VS Wordpress.com

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I will admit that my last few posts have mentioned wordpress.com in it and I am actually quite excited that they finally went public and now anyone who wants an account can sign up (free) and use wordpress without having a webhost which you formerly had to do with wordpress.org. But what the hell is the bloody difference you ask? Well there are some pros and cons for both but let's do a quick breakdown on the newly public wordpress.com.

Blogger (which I am currently using) has some serious competition now that anyone who wants to start a blog can also use wordpress.com. Yes, there are a ton of other blogging services out there like livejournal, myspace, type pad but the heavy hitters in the blogging community have also been using wordpress.org for some time now. I will get into the distinctions shortly bewteen the wordpress .com/.org. All I want to mention in this paragraph is that competition is good and hopefully the folks behind blogger (*cough *cough, Google) will step up their game.

So you don't have to sign up with a webhost for the wordpress.com. You don't have to FTP your files and configure your page and there are a lot less functions for you to have to deal with or worry about when using wordpress.com. That is not always a bad thing if you want a quick, easy installation that can be set up in minutes. The sacrifice for that is that you will not have the controlability you have with wordpress.org. With the .org version, you can set up mulitple user accounts, edit the source code of templates to your liking, and in general have more control over what you have created. The .com version is a 'lite' version if you will. After fooling around for an hour on it, I still had no idea if I was able to upload my own template instead of the canned ones that thousands of other people will likely have. And as far as scripting, I was not allowed to touch any of it to modify it to my purposes. Now I could be wrong and if these features exist, I simply didn't find them but my major gripe with the .com version was the lack of control. However, as mentioned before, if you don't care for the control issues or simply have no need for them, then the .com version works just fine. I have the high hopes that the public release shall grow with more options as time progresses and I even managed to grab some decent short names for future potential sites, but for now I will probably side with the wordpress.org.

Pros on Wordpress.com
*it's free baby!
*it has cooler features than blogger
*set up can be done by a five year old

Cons on Wordpress.com
*less features than the .org version
*less controlability than the .org version
*only a few templates included


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