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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Telnet is Dead?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I was listening to binrev radio episode 109 (I think episode 109) and even if I don't like the new hosts nearly as much as Stank Dawg, Black Ratchet and Not Theory had a pretty cool discussion about the days of Telnet which brought tears of happiness to my slanted Chinese eyes. I can remember back in college my email account was via telnet so that when I was visiting my dead grandma in Tawian, I could still access my email via command line to telnet(as webmail at the time was not always accessible). The radio discussion also went into Gopher (which for those of you unfamiliar, was virtually a text based precursor to the Internet). Anyways, telnet these days is more or less replaced with SSH (which in my opinion is like a good upgrade), and now instead of text based pr0n, we have full on hardcore fruit sex. Well call it an upgrade, but I still do miss the days of telnet.


posted by aL, 3:56 PM


A friend an i created the Telnet Is Dead - Song. This was in a time when many telnet based BBS's closed and switched to forums or something :-)
commented by Anonymous Jogy, 11:50 AM  

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