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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Sharing the Pr0n Like Good Friends Do (G2G Exchange)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Browsing and sharing Gmail files with other users? Well I had to give G2G Exchange a try. But shit, what about all that pr0n that a certain unnamed friend sends me? I don't really want to have other people browsing that nor self incriminating emails I have sent others. So I went to Gmail and created a new 'dummy' account for testing purposes that could be used on G2G Exchange. After logging on, I had to 'index' my files from my Gmail account. Clicking on the 'browse' button, it pulled up a list of users who had also indexed their files (pictures, movies, applications) and simply had to click on a name to see what files from their Gmail account had been indexed.
The image on the left shows a list of indexed files available to be downloaded by anyone visiting the site. Pretty cool idea in the sense of a P2P network, but also a great potential security hazard for anyone with someone else's Gmail login information. If you want to play around on the 'dummy' account, the info is
user: sleepyliz
passwd: n33dsl33p

The information above is not only for G2G Exchange but also for Gmail. I don't know if the feature to upload files directly to G2G Exchange does exists but I was unable to find a way of doing so without first having to login to Gmail, upload a file and send it off. Other than this minor inconvenience, it is pretty fun to browse though other people's files. Also, I need to mention that G2G Exchange does not index actual emails for reading so privacy in that aspect is good. If this exchange thing goes well, maybe I will get brave and unleash the massive amounts of porn filed in my Gmail account.


posted by aL, 2:58 PM


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