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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Seeking Relative Obscurity (search engine decoder)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You ever wonder who gets the data to and from Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alexa, and other large name search engines? Well me neither. But the people behind search-this.com have come up with a neat graphical way of showing the tide ebbs of flowing information between such search engines. Search Engine Decoder provides 'bubbles' on which you may click on to find out where the site is pulling information from and who (if anyone) is getting data from that site.
So for instance the picture below shows me clicking on the 'dogpile' bubble. The red arrows indicate that dogpile is receiving infomation from Yahoo, MSN, looksmart, Google and Ask Jeeves. The yellow arrow indicates that dogpile results that are paid results, come from Yahoo.

Honestly however, the fun from this site begins when clicking on the 'New Pagerank Decoder' button on the top right. I normally don't view Google's page rank on my Google toolbar as I don't want Google's skewed views forced upon me before I have a chance to decide on my own if a site is 'important,' but this pagerank decoder is a fun way of seeing data visually pulled. All in all, pretty interesting information which could not be presented in a much better fashion.


posted by aL, 2:59 PM


thanks for the link. i will have t check it out.
commented by Anonymous m4r4d4r, 9:20 PM  
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