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Online Storage Solutions (a Mozy review)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I decided to take a dive and see what all the word involving a free 2 gig online backup was all about. Yes, the gripe is that 2 gigs of storage is not all that much but hell, when you are talking about 2 gigs of free storage space, you have to put all complaints aside and recall the word free. So like a brave soul, I decided to give Mozy a test run and see if it lived up to the hype. Upon signing up, you are asked if you would like to answer a quick questionnaire for an extra gig of space. I quickly browsed through the EULA which was a slightly disturbing read but decided to proceed with the installation. After filling out the proper information, my account was bumped from 1 gigabyte of storage space to 2. Proceeding to my email account, I was sent a link to download and install the executable Mozy application. Below is a screenshot of the application after login.

I have to say, I was kind of hoping it would all be web based thefore if run on another computer, Mozy would not need a subsequent install to be able to run. However, I guess this step might have been included due to the 448-bit blowfish encryption. Still, navigation was painfully tedious.

The bit rate was for me was about 48 KB/s which is fairly decent. Still, something about this program skeeved me out to the point where after the quick install, I had to go and get rid of the program. For the time being, I am going to stick with my current web host and even though not free, it is much more manageable.
If you are desperate for free storage space, give Mozy a try. If you can live without a free 2 gigs of online storage or are afraid of a third party acquiring all of your personal information, I still suggest you wait until something better comes out. Sorry, but not recommended


posted by aL, 4:58 PM


Hi, you can use online backup services like Mozy only as a secondary option to store your critical data. It is always wise to use a paid service that not only do backups, but also restores your data.

Sometime back, I did a free trial of IBackup, an online storage and backup provider. I then took a paid account as an experiment to backup my critical data. I never looked back after that.

IBackup for Windows, to me is a safer bet than certain free sites that do not allow restores or those whose file uploads are excruciatingly slow. One feature that I could not find in any other service is that if you install an application called IDrive, it will map the online account in your computer. You could then work on the documents easily, even though I first had doubts about whether somebody would steal my data. Till date, nothing of that sort happened.

I don’t store videos with IBackup. But it’s very easy to share other files I have stored with IBackup by sending sharable links using Webmanager. I tried the same with certain free services, but I did not get a few of the emailed links. But the big advantage I feel that takes IBackup to the top is it sets no limits on downloads.
commented by Anonymous Daniel, 8:13 AM  
thanks for the tip
commented by Anonymous aL, 6:55 PM  
Take a look at Data Deposit Box too. It is an online backup tool that is completely automatic. I have a consultant friend that put me onto it. He switched all his clients from ibackup to DDB and he says his clients are a lot happier. Aparently there is less day to day management required.
c brown
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:30 PM  
I tried mozy and it worked fine for backup but when I went to restore a file I deleted it was gone on the backup as well.

I found an rsync account at
Online Storage Solution
that seems to work faster than mozy and is almost free at $10 per year for unlimited space.

With rsync you can restore any time you want because the files are stored in your account not mixed up with everyone else in a database.

Check these guys out because it is a hell of a deal.
commented by Blogger ads, 9:31 PM  
Impressive write-up! Nowadays, an online storage is a must have! Think of the large files you have being secured online and readily accessible anywhere through the internet. Amazing!
commented by Anonymous Ruby Badcoe, 2:16 PM  
Their managers has some of the best customer service skills ever. When I called once to ask about changing unit sizes. The person who answered was perfectly nice & helpful.

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