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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Not So Elementary Antics (FLY pen)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is not new news but it is good news-look, I made a funny. On a serious note, the folks at Leapfrog who create interactive learning toys for the youngins have already unleashed their amazing FLY pen. If you live in the dark ages or simply don't care about products to consume your child's time so you can search for more pr0n uninterrupted, FLY is an interactive pen that allows you to calculate math problems by writing numbers on their specially designed paper, create music by drawing a keyboard and then touching the keys (with your pen), set a vocal schedule by writing (are you getting the 'writing' theme yet or do I have to cram more writing based examples down your throat?) and a host of other cool options. Aimed at a slightly older crowd than the usual tot crowd, I have already seen the FLY pen at the Target stores. Now if I could only get my 5 year old to fluidly read and write, I might have an excuse to buy this. Either that or reverse the aging process so that I can once again become a pre-pubescent teen but that is not quite feasible with the current technology of today (yet), so I will have to come up with another excuse.


posted by aL, 3:56 PM


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