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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Inundated Digg Submits

Friday, November 25, 2005

I hate to have a bunch of my posts revolving around the site digg but this one I could not pass up upon. This morning after my browse through digg's front page, I visited the 'digg for stories section' which basically shows newly dugg stories people are submitting in high hopes of mass diggs and accolades from fellow diggers. Surprisingly or maybe not, I was bombarded with hate remarks aimed at kevin rose. Slander about him giving bad blowjobs and what not. Although amusing the first time I read it a few days ago, now it just became a tiresome bypass to the next story. I must also mention for those who have not yet seen these dead posts that the story just leads to another link on digg about censorship and banning of spam users and people who post for a lack of better terms, 'shit.' So keeping this post less personal regarding opinions, I have to say that I feel bad for those people who actually have valid submissions and now are buried due to intolerant wasteful spam posts which weigh down and inundate digg with more bullshit. A conspiracy from the folks at Slashdot? I hardly think not even if there is some sibling rivalry going on bewteen the two sites. After wading through 2 pages of the same post regarding Kevin Rose giving a bad blowjob, I just logged off and went to a less user driven site. That does bother me slightly that I might have missed a cool post on page 3 but I am willing to live with that. I don't believe in censorship and a reason I don't post much on forums is due to 'moderation.' I don't think that digg should go the way of banning and censorship and no matter how much they try, there are loopholes around this type of thing. I thought one of the ideas behind digg was bringing power to the masses, not selective stories chosen at a boardroom table. I won't say I have a solution but in the time being, I probably won't be visiting the 'digg for stories' section.


posted by aL, 11:23 PM


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