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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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I'm So Stupid It Hurts (getting fucked by Google Again)

Monday, November 07, 2005

So as mentioned before, I realized that recently I was getting less than 1% of traffic from Google whereas a few weeks ago, most of my referrals were through the Google search engine. It only dawned on me today, that the reason why I have had a huge traffic drop is due to none other than blogsearch.google.com/.
Now, to Google's defense, I am using blogger (which is incidentally owned by none other than the big G), which means that now I get dry-raped because I am categorozed as a blog even though I don't very often 'blog' about my shitty life but try to focus more on tech reviews and findings. As a result of google's blogsearch, now everything I post will be indexed only by blogsearch. Fucking wankers! If this is a future trend to come, I will bail and start a new site.


posted by aL, 12:31 PM


I don't know about that. Our stuff is still indexed regularly in google. It's just that blogsearch updates almost immediately, while Google can take a day or two.

I noticed that in IE you can't even see your posts though. You only see the sidebars. If people are dropping in using IE they may end up just leaving.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 6:51 PM  

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