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You Look Like I Need a Drink

**Not Quite Web 2.0**

Surreptitiously Surfing the Net at Work

Thursday, October 20, 2005

For the record, I am not at work right now. But if I were, I would consider using Ghostzilla to kill time surfing the Internet. Sounding like a moniker for a lost Wu-Tang member, Ghostzilla is a browser that looks like a work application (try Outlook) but really blends in to appear like you are not wasting company time by checking personal email, the stats of your fantasy football team or other wasteful non work related Internet activites. For the casual over the shoulder glance at what is displayed on your screen, it may fool co-workers or the person in charge. But don't be so naive to think that there are not other ways of mining surfing data from the company network. If your company or workplace is small enough or you know for a fact they don't have an admin checking the logs/viewing your destop remotely, Ghostzilla might just be the app for you. However, if you work for a large company that has you sign many a document about being monitored (as I unfortunately had to sign), chances are this slick chamleon browser will do nothing but hide your surfing habits from your boss but everything is logged and check by your IT personnel anyway.

OK, I am currently working on a site review which should be done within the next hour so check back later.


posted by aL, 11:26 AM


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