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Speed Up the PDF Load Times

Friday, October 07, 2005

PDF SpeedUp has been around for awhile now but for those of you unaware, nothing drives me more crazy than having to wait while I accidentally open up a PDF file from the net. The slow load time is not something you want to wait around for if your box is running on a P2 or lower(which fortunately my main desktop is not). Luckily, Acropdf Systems were kind enough to release their freeware app, aptly named PDF SpeedUp and I must say that when I first installed this program, after opening up a PDF file with lightening quick speed, my shouts of ecstasy were heard resounding through the neighborhood. Basically, it steamlines the Acrobat to just perform the uber necessary features when opening a PDF therefore saving time by disabling (you have the choice) what you don't need loaded.
Truly a good free download for anyone that ever opens a PDF file.


posted by aL, 2:18 PM


So this loads PDFs in the PDFSpeedup program, or still through the browser. I'm just wondering if this sucker can help in the tropble Firefox has with PDFs.
commented by Anonymous Chris, 8:27 PM  
This app just optimizes the Adobe start up so that PDFs open up super quick, and it works wonders with Firefox.
commented by Blogger aL, 10:30 AM  

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