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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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If I Were A Hick....I Would Do This

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This picture was taken last weekend as we attended a fair in Prince Frederick MD. What you are supposed to be looking at is rows of cars that were all attempting to park at the same time. This brilliant hick decided that he was going to make use of his 4 wheel drive(for once in his life) and drive over a large grassy mound and promptly got stuck. What resulted after was reminiscent of a hee-haw show. Allow me to translate:
Pa!, we done got Betty(mode of transportation, usually a large tractor)stuck!
Son! Go jump on the rear bumper and quit a fussin and feudin'.

Dear lord, I had to take a picture but all I had on me at the time was my shitty cell phone camera. My better half however did have a camera handy so when she uploads the picture, I will post the more quality picture of the stuck SUV at the county fair.

Oh, and as promised, I do confess that before that jackass tried that stunt on the grassy knoll, I told Liz to drive her Toyota Corolla over it to save time. See, I can poke fun at myself too.


posted by aL, 6:01 PM


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