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Email Clients Roundup

Monday, October 10, 2005

I thought I would spend a little time today going over some pros and cons of some popular email clients. Feel free to give your input and recommend anything I might not have covered.

Popular Email Clients
Hotmail: Hotmail has been around for quite some time now and offers 250 MBs of email storage. They are quite reliable but seem to be a large spam magnet (which is the reason why I left their service).
Yahoo mail offers 1 gig of storage and has a cleaner interface than hotmail. With a decent spam filter, it is no wonder why their service has been as successful as it is. Look forward to their new beta(which is supposed to be the Gmail killer. Here are a few screenshots.
Gmail which is brought to you from the folks of Google, has a 2+ gig worth of storage, an excellent spam filter and a slew of add ons to make use of those 2 gigs worth of space. I have been happily using my Gmail account for over a year now and the only bad thing I can say is that at times (under a handful), Google was doing some maintenance on Gmail and I was unable to log on.

30Gigs offers a whopping 30 gigs (you guessed it) of storage space. Do we really need that much space for freakin email?
Lycos, are they still around?
Juno Email offers 1 gig of storage, the ability to send up to 5MB sized emails and a few other nifty features. Free to try for a month.

Dropload allows you to freely send files up to 100MBs of data. However, if your connection is slow, don't even attempt it. A similar service is YouSendIt.
Hushmail is a service for the paranoid or security minded (one and the same?). Their service will use PGP to encrypt your email so anyone sniffing the network will have to work at unencrypting your email before reading.
MailFreeOnline is for the stalker in mind who enjoys taunting his/her victims with anonymous email.
Avalanche. Want to mailbomb someone? OK n00bs, for testing purposes only. I cannot vouch for the validity of the file or site.


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