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Crawling the Feeds (links to sites I visit daily)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I thought that I would list some links of pages I frequent on a daily basis as seeing that I usually kill about 1-2 hours of my morning by crawling the RSS feeds for new tech info, tech related information and any other random oddities. Because the list would be quite vast, I will not list them all. Feel free to give me some suggestions of sites to make my daily rounds.

Tech Related
Astalavista My firefox browser opens up to this page which features 'Information and Internet Security.' They also post new or newer applications that are out, tutorials (like this one for metasploit by irongeek) as well as a slew of other great information
Hack In The Box is another good site to visit for computer security (yes, hacking) news.
Slashdot. Any self proclaimed computer geek who does not know of Slashdot is lying about geekdom.
Digg which is a social bookmarking tool for technology and news is starting to make the folks at Slashdot nervous.
Lifehacker which would be the equivalent of hacking for good (or whitehat) always has some positive life-hacks as well as some decent software reviews.
Hack a Day always has some cool DIY mods or creations that smart people from all over the world are sending in.
Engadget is the place I visit to find out the latest news in, well, gadgets. Also see Gizmodo.
hackermedia.org shows the status of updated radio/internet tv shows.

Everything Else
Boing Boing. Weird, random news from anywhere in the world.
rc6.org is recent tech news in the form of a blog.
dreamlogic.net. My pals at dreamlogic have wonderfully written reviews on movies you may not have seen or heard about yet, but want to see.
DC Blogs. Yeah, I do read some blogs, but shit, so do you if you're reading this line right now so refrain from the childish taunting. DC Blogs is great to find out what the people in our Nation's Capital are talking about.
makezine.com is similar to Hack a Day but not always tech related.
punkbands.com which is pretty self explanatory but they do have an ample repository of reviews and sporting a slick layout.

That rounds out the list for now. If people are still interested, I might post links to more sites in the future.


posted by aL, 10:30 AM


Hi there. That is a good list! Thanks for sharing. Since you love digg and tech sites. I thought you might like to check out www.blinklist.com. We are still very new but if you get the chance to play around with it, I would love to hear your thoughts. Mike
commented by Blogger Mind Valley, 1:42 AM  
thank, I will go take a look.
commented by Blogger aL, 10:30 AM  

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