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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Condoleeza, What Are We Going to Do Now?

Monday, October 24, 2005

For my morning dose of Elliot in the Morning, they were all talking about the U2 concert last week in DC. Apparently, this lady who paid big bucks for front row seats had her amazing seats usurped when none other than the Secretary of the State showed up and stayed through 4 songs. The lady who was displaced, went from Seat A tickets to seat Q (nosebleed tickets). Now I am not a big U2 fan but you would have thought that some fan who paid an arm and a leg for front row seats would have at least been given some compensation? Don't get me into the rant about Ticketmaster either.
It is hearing shit like this that makes me not want to go to corporate sponsored shows. Throroughly disgusted. And no, I am not against Condoleeza nor harbor any hatred toward her, but am slightly annoyed that a politician (or famous person) can sweep by the average citizen and not even realize the devastation in their wake. There is my non-tech news rant for today.


posted by aL, 10:30 AM


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