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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Southern Maryland Drunk Drivers

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I was driving home last night in Southern Maryland and not out of ther norm, I realized I was either following someone that was sleepy or drunk. I have come to realize that there are basically two types of drunk drivers: the drunk driver who thinks that he/she is a good driver but is all over the road, and the drunk driver that is actually quite good at driving while intoxicated.

So this guy was drifting onto the rumble strips, weaving back and forth crossing the lanes and just being a dumbfuck. A few minutes later, a policeman pulled up beside me. I passively watched the cop follow alongside the weaving car, then pull up in front of me right behind the drunk driver. At this point I was sure the cop was going to flash some lights and pull the drunk driver over as the guy was still all over the road. But no, the cop must have been too busy because it got over another lane and left. What a fucking system...


posted by aL, 12:16 PM


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