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You Look Like I Need a Drink

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Proud and Lousy Parents (a southern maryland thing?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I don't normally post family pictures because of some of the content I post here but damn if this picture of my kid doesn't make me smile, I don't know what will. Pictured here, my 5 year old is at Kmart trying on ski masks.

I took her to the neighborhood playground today after school and she immediately found some other kids to play with. Grabbing a seat, I started scoping out the other parents to see if I knew any. Sitting about 50 feet in front of me were two fat white chicks smoking cigarettes while their multiple spawn roamed the playground with blissful glee. I happened to notice that these fat chicks were so busily engaged in conversation that they didn't even notice one of their 2 year olds bent over the woodchips shovelling wood chips into his mouth. Now I won't claim to be the most responsible parent (as I let my kid watch Shaun of the Dead--only once though), but damn, if you are going to have offspring, at least take fucking care of them. Maybe it's a Southern Maryland thing but I will be damned if I have to stand idly by while my brood (I am stopping at 1 as God had intended) shovels fist-fulls of dirt into her mouth.


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